Backup a website on Google Sites

“Google Sites” is Google’s own way of making the lives of website-owners a little easier. This eminently useful service allows a user to host a website on Google server. The user can also import or export files to and from his PC at will, making backup and restore procedures a snap. The service is not without its share of problems, though. For one thing, it does not have an option built into it, which the user can utilize to back up the website in the first place.

However, there are third party tools available that the user can use to download his website from the Google server to his PC, and to restore files back to the server. Google Sites Liberation is one such tool that has a user friendly front end, allowing the user to download his entire site from the Google server. It is written in Java and has very little system overhead, allowing for users with moderately powerful PCs to use it without any difficulty.

If you have your own website, here’s how you can use this utility to back it up on local computer:

  1. Download the tool and install it. Now, run the executable. A window with a lot of fields will open up.
  2. Enter the host name in the first field. Type the domain name in the second field, and the web space name in the third one.
  3. Check the box named Import/Export revisions if you need that functionality. It allows the tool to compare the version of website stored on the server automatically with the version stored in your PC. This feature allows for accurate backup and restoration procedures.
  4. Select the directory in your local PC where you wish the backup to be downloaded.
  5. Click on Export. The website will be downloaded to your hard disk.
  6. Click on Import if you wish to restore files back to the server from the local PC.

Remember, however, that you can only upload modified versions of files that are already stored on the server. You cannot upload any files or webpages that are not currently present on the server at Google Sites. This is not an FTP uploader tool, neither was it intended to act like one. In order to upload any new files to the server, you will still have to use a third party FTP uploader tool.

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