Fix winlogon.exe application error

Winlogon.exe facilitates the log-in and –out processes of a computer system and its importance cannot be stressed enough. Any errors concerning the said file can wreak havoc on the security of a PC.

Consumers whose computers operate using Microsoft Operating Systems (including Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP) usually experience application errors with WinLogon.exe. The root of these errors may be any of the following:

Winlogon.exe error symptoms

One of the following error messages are displayed onscreen:

  • “The instruction at referenced memory at . The memory could not be read/written”
  • “winlogon.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close”

These may occur while the OS starts up, or the system may restart automatically, or even crash after the messages show up on the monitor. These problematic situations can be resolved.

Fixing the winlogon.exe error

  • The System File Checker is one feature that comes standard with all recent versions of the Windows OS. Utilizing this tool is part of one of the quickest and most convenient methods to fix the said error. Go to the desktop’s Start button, and then proceed to ‘Run’. Type “SFC.EXE /SCANNOW” in the entry box and hit the Return or “Enter” key. The user may have to run this under the Administrator log-in if the system operates using Windows Vista. This may also require the insertion of the Windows Installer CD for the SFC program to overwrite the files to be replaced – if the folder for system32dllcache does not comprise all of them. This method will (temporarily) fix the symptoms associated with the Winlogon.exe error. But as the System File Checker is incapable of deleting viruses, the causes of the error (including viruses or various malware) are still inside the system.
  • Restart the system. While the computer is loading, use the F8 to activate “Safe Mode”. Herein, the Operating System restarts with the bare minimum of programs, files, and the like. Employ an antivirus scanner to examine the computer thoroughly after the previous step. It is also recommended to use an antispyware scanner.
  • If the abovementioned steps do not resolve the winlogon.exe error, the Windows Installation Repair procedure is another option. Restart the computer with the Windows Installer CD (ensuring that the CD or DVD drive is your BIOS’ primary boot device. Once prompted, use the Enter key to access setup. Confirm with F8. After accessing, look for the current installation and press the “R” key.

Proceed with caution, especially with the last step. The Windows Repair feature will modify the Registry, which will halt the operation of many programs installed in the system.

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