Google Trends: We are now less concerned about DLLs

Google’s web search interest page, Google Trends can show us more than just boring search figures over time. We can observe global trends in many areas such as politics, economy or technology. Looking at DLL searches worldwide since 2004, we can see that the interest in 2013 is just one fifth of the benchmark 100 figure from 2004.

In this simple series of data, it is clearly visible that people of today are far less concerned about DLL-related error messages and downloads than 9 years ago. As personal computers are getting more reliable and Windows versions and other programs are developed in a way that missing DLL’s don’t cause major disruptions in users’ day-to-day work, we are no longer forced to search for obscure DLL files to get rid of an error message. The drop is even more significant for the term “windows dll” where 2004’s 100 is now just a mere 7, which is a 14-fold decrease.

The “Regional interest” chart (see below) shows another interesting fact about the geographical distribution of these searches. While Western Europe and the USA were just as concerned in 2004 as China, the former regions lost their interest and China remains equally concerned as it was nine years ago.

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By Gergely Sumegi

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