How to find most popular search terms on Google

Do you search for a wide range of topics on Google on a regular basis? Wouldn’t your task be simplified to a great extent if you could know what kinds of terms are being used to search for the topic of your concern? That would help you refine your search, allowing you to narrow down to the required results faster. Use Google Zeitgeist to gain this advantage when you search on Google.

Zeitgeist, which typically means “the spirit of the times”, is Google’s way of tracking currently prevailing search trends across the globe. It is an aggregation of several tools that allow you to find out the trends of searches conducted both in your region and across the globe too. It brings to you prevailing search trends corresponding to any time frame, in the past or the present. Whether you are looking for sports media, or trying to unearth information for a research paper, these tools are your best friends.

Google Zeitgeist has the following functionalities:

  1. Google Trends: This tool allows you to take a broader look at the terms you enter in the Search box. You can type in up to 5 search terms, and the tool will show you how popular those were, over a period of time. This works great if you are trying to tweak your keywords in Google AdWords, in order to boost profits.
  2. Website Trends: This allows you to check out how much a website is capable of attracting users over a period of time. All you have to do is type the URL of a website. You will get to see the number of visitors, sorted according to their geographical regions. You can also see the visitors who have accessed similar websites.
  3. Search Insights: This feature allows you to create your personalized lists of websites that are gaining popularity at a high rate. It also lets you create and update lists of websites that have already been made popular.
  4. Hot Trends: This extremely useful feature allows you to check out the top 100 most popular search queries used by US citizens at the moment. This information is automatically updated throughout the day, so if you are running an ad campaign online, this can be a great asset for you.

These are the wonderful options that you can get through the Google Zeitgeist. Access it today. You will be able to fine tune your searches in ways you never thought possible.

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