How to get a virus on a computer

Malware is normally controlled by cybercriminals and this feature enables the cyber criminals to command malware so that it executes any command that is on the end-users computer as it deems fit. Malware is capable of copying files, reading emails, recording keystrokes, making screenshots and sending spam among other processes. Research has revealed that malware is normally installed on computers through visitation of compromised websites that serve a malicious code.

Information that is found by the MCRC on command and control server also includes IP addresses of infected computers together with the computer name inside the government and corporate networks that run the malware. Malware presence is normally detected by the effect caused as a result of an infection or what compromises the computer system.

The most common way in which malware is disseminated into the computer system is by tricking users to initiate a download and install it in their machines without detecting if it is genuine. Another way in which a system can get infected with malware is though a “Drive by” infection. This infection comes about when a user visits the website and the system becomes compromised because of malicious code existing in the webpage is exploiting security flaw in the web browser or also in the browser plug in MySpace.

A is a worm that has attacked the social network. It started operating on 9th December, 2005 and was known to let users also known as the virus creator to add a one million new friends to their personal contacts. The virus has no automatic spread. Toward the end of the year 2006, there was another malware attack in the form of a worm propagated if one visits a user profile that has been infected. Advertising banner exploits in 2006 also infected millions of user’s computers with the spyware. Script-injection was another form of attack in the user profiles, which hijacked the user browsers to the website.

There are worms that exploit the vulnerability found in Apple’s QuickTime Player. It is mainly passed on as a movie that infects any user profile that visits already corrupted files. The infection causes users to be directed to the website that has an adware application anytime they try to view a movie. “Koobface” is a type of worm that is known to spread on Face book and MySpace through a link then to a video file. This process requires the actual download of a video file. When this clicked on, it shows a jester image and then installs a number of worms. Generally, Malware spreads through various forms ranging from removable storage devices like flash disks, email circulation, opening of infected files and making of rascal downloads among other methods.

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