How to submit products to Froogle

Have you ever used Froogle to look up a product that you wanted to purchase or submit products to Froogle? Froogle is a search engine powered by Google, focused solely on online shopping. When you search for a particular product on Froogle, it shows you a list of products that match your search terms. The list is based on relevance; the products which most closely resemble your search terms will be displayed towards the top of the list.

Here’s how to submit products to Foogle - all you have to do is select the items you wish to buy and add those to shopping cart. That takes care of the shopping, but what if you are a seller?

If you are a seller and wish to submit your product to Froogle, there are two ways of doing that. You may create a page about the product in your website and let Google and Froogle crawl through it. Froogle will automatically pick up information about the product and display it on subsequent searches made by visitors on Froogle. This process is not completely reliable, however. Your product may accidentally get listed on a wrong category, and end up getting lost.

A better way to submit your product to Froogle is to submit a data feed manually to the Froogle directory. There are 14 categories in the directory, and you can submit the data feed of your product to the most relevant category. However, in order to be included in Froogle, your website must be able to sell the products directly, and take care of the shipping as well. Otherwise, data feed of your product will not be accepted by Froogle.

If your website satisfies the above condition, then you should sign up for a Froogle account, in order to be able to submit the data feed. You will have to fill up a form, submitting the following information: contact details, store information, name of store, store URL, product information, numbers of products, product categories, and affiliate information. After you sign up at Froogle, you should edit the robots.txt file in the directory of your website, and allow Googlebot spider to crawl through your website.

You will have to wait for 5-10 days, before you get a confirmation e-mail from Froogle. You will get a number of e-mails for confirmation of your product being submitted to Froogle. The first one will ask you to accept the legal agreement between you and Froogle. Once you do that, you will receive another e-mail, containing your login ID and password for Froogle, along with the FTP credentials you will need for uploading your data feeds.

Next, you will have to fill up the details for your product page on Froogle and upload the feed. After that, your product will be included in Froogle directory, and will show up on subsequent searches. Froogle is gaining popularity at a steady rate. Go for it to give your profits a steady boost.

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