Dell Workers Face 15,000 Layoffs

This week, Dell is expected to begin a layoff program which may result in as many as 15,000 people losing their jobs.

The PC manufacturing giant has been going through a significant corporate restructuring operation, which has resulted in cuts being made to every department in the company. The past year has not been gentle on Dell, with profit margins slumping following the consistent drop in PC sales around the world. The shifting focus of Dell’s business plan from traditional manufacturing towards more user-based services could render a number of departments within the company irrelevant.

Reportedly, Dell is offering a severance package of two months’ wages, along with an extra week for every year employed, a 75% bonus, and 18 months health insurance for those residing within the US.  Some sources close to the company have even gone as far as to say that the final figure of layoffs will be even higher than the staggering initial figure of 15,000.

Also departing the company will be Dell’s Chief Financial Officer, Brian Gladden, who will be leading to “pursue career interest outside of Dell.”

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Google Removes Third-Party Snapchat Apps from the Play Store

The ability to keep Snapchat’s elusive disappearing images around for long has been sought after since the app was first launch, prompting the creation of a number of questionable third-party apps. This week, Google has taken action by removing all but a few third-party Snapchat Apps from its Google Play store.

According to Android users, there used to be dozens of apps aimed as surreptitiously keeping Snapchat images after their expiry date, but now only a few of them remain after the latest purge by Google. As yet, Google haven’t given any comment as to why all these apps have suddenly been made unavailable to Android users. Reportedly, the creators of the missing apps each received a notice from the Google stating that they were in violation of the developer agreement.

Speculation surrounding the sudden removal of these apps points towards the fact that Snapchat has had several problems with its security lately and is attempting to keep its service as safe as possible for users. Considering most of the removed apps were designed specifically to hack and undermine Snapchat’s basic functions, it is not implausible that the social media app requested they be removed from the Google Play store.

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Yahoo Reports Revenue Dip in 2013

Despite the buzz around charismatic CEO Marissa Mayer’s ability to turn the company around, Yahoo has reported a dip in its revenue for the second quarter in a row at the end of 2013.

Even Yahoo’s critics can admit that a lot of change has already taken place within the company since Mayer took the CEO position; software has been refined, websites have been updated and general dead weight has been cut from the company. However, despite the efforts and innovations from Yahoo, the company saw a drop in revenues at the end of 2013.

Year-over-year, Yahoo’s revenue was down by 6%, whilst income was similarly down by 8%, making 2013 a somewhat shaky year for the company financially speaking.

Regardless of these worrying numbers, Yahoo’s public relations team tells the same optimistic story every time the question is asked.  Mayer herself is never anything less than chirpy about the company’s position; “We are extremely heartened by the year-over-year traffic increase we experienced in 2013, an early sign of return on our investments and the acquisitions we’ve made.”

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Samsung May Produce Smart Glasses This Year

South Korean news outlets are abuzz following the speculation that technology giant Samsung may produce its own line of smart eyewear before the end of this year. According the reports, Samsung may even unveil the product at the IFA trade show in September.

Though Samsung have yet to officially respond to the rumors surrounding its latest product, the smart glasses have been given the speculative name Galaxy Glass by reporters at the Korea Times, who first broke the story. Reportedly, the glasses will link up to Samsung smartphones and display information such as email and text messages, whilst allowing users to make voice calls and listen to music, amongst other functions. Korea Times has cited as yet unnamed officials with the company as the source of this exciting information.

Although all information about these smart glasses is purely speculative at the moment, Samsung did file a patent last October for an electronic device mounted inside eyewear. The patented device, which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, included built-in earphones to allow users to make calls.

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Microsoft Buys ‘Gears of War’ Game Franchise

Microsoft is now the proud owner of popular gaming franchise ‘Gears of War’, and will reportedly work on developing a new game exclusively for the Xbox One.

The technology giant purchased the Gears of War franchise including “rights to all existing and future games, entertainment experiences and merchandise,” from developers Epic Games. According to reports, the first game under Microsoft’s reign is already in production at Black Tusk Studios in Canada, with former director of production Rod Fergusson overseeing the project.

Gears of War gained fame in the gaming community for showcasing the Unreal Engine’s graphics capabilities as a third-person shooter. The franchise gained a loyal fan following from console gamers, who must surely be excited to hear that last year’s installment, Gears of War: Judgment, would not be the final installment in the series. It is also possible that Microsoft will choose to re-issue previous installments of the franchise at some point along with the release of the new game.

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Pinterest Now Predicts Your Interests

It seems like Pinterest has been keeping an eye on you and what you like; the social media site has just introduced a special interests feature designed to suggest pinned items to its users based on their previous pins.

Starting on Monday, Pinterest users- all 48 million of them- will be able to use the “Explore Interests” section on the web site. On the Interests page, users will see a whole list of suggested posts personalized to their pinning history. Users will have various pictures, videos, and soon working gifs which they can choose to browse through or re-pin onto their own personal digital pin-board.

The company released an official blog post announcing the new feature, explaining how the Interests feature was more specific and helpful to users than the broad categories which Pinterest was divided into before this change. Instead of having to sift through pages of unspecific pins, Pinterest will now suggest more relevant posts depending on what users have already saved to their collections.

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Does iOS 7 have a ‘White Screen of Death’?

Although Apple’s overhaul of the iOS operating system has been widely adopted by many iPhone users, there are still a couple of glitches lurking inside iOS 7’s bright and cheerful redesign.

One complaint which a percentage of iPhone users have been making for a while is about the supposed “white screen of death” bug. Ever since iOS 7 was first released last year, many users have experienced the glitch, which causes the smartphone to reboot abruptly- displaying a white Apple logo on a black background.

Reports of the glitch began to reach Apple as early as September, but despite several software updates, the issue was never formally addressed. Luckily for frustrated iPhone owners around the world, Apple has just officially announced that a fix for the bug is on its way to their smartphones in the near future.

In addition to offering a remedy to this annoying little issue, Apple will also reportedly make some minor UI and design changes when it officially releases iOS 7.1 in the coming months.

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