Experian Security Lapse Exposes Millions of Consumer Records

Global information service group Experian may have compromised the data of millions of their customers after possibly becoming the targets of a Vietnamese con man.

According to reports, a Vietnamese man claiming to be a private investigator succeeded in gaining access to financial records of US consumers by purchasing them from a company owned by Experian. The information which was previously being safeguarded by one of the world’s largest credit monitors may now be sold illegally online for fraudulent purposes.

While it is not clear how many US citizens may have been affected by the illegal sale of their data, it is estimated that as many as 30 million credit records may have been sold in total. Experian senior VP of government affairs Tony Hadley stated that the company was unaware of the scam going on, stating that “We were a victim, and scammed by this person.”

The man behind this massive security leak is 24-year-old Hieu Minh Ngo, who was arrested by US Secret Service agents after selling off consumer information online.

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Twitter Experiences Massive Crash

Problems accessing your Twitter account yesterday? You’re not alone. The microblogging site experienced a large crash on Tuesday morning which affected most of its 645 million users.

On Tuesday morning, Twitter experienced a loss of service for around 45 on both its web page and mobile apps. According to the company’s official blog, the down time affected “most users”, but was fully restored to everyone within an hour of the initial shut down. There is no concrete explanation yet for what caused the loss of power, though it is currently being investigated by Twitter.

Although the down time was not expected, it happened during scheduled servicing activity and received quick action from Twitter’s technicians. The official statement from the social media site on their loss of service was issued on a company blog.

“During a planned deploy in one of our core services, we experienced unexpected complications that made Twitter unavailable for many users starting at 11:01am. We rolled back the change as soon as we identified the issue and began a controlled recovery to ensure stability of other parts of the service.”

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Instagram Brightens Up Lux Feature

Smartphone photography enthusiasts around the world can now add a little extra lift to their photos of coffee and kitty cats thanks to the latest update to Instagram’s Lux feature.

The popular photo and video app has had plenty of updates since it was purchased by Facebook, but this particular upgrade is aimed as iOS users only. The Lux feature has long been available to allow users to brighten up their pictures, but this update allowed Instagrammers to get a little more control over their photos.

The change became available for the iOS version of Instagram as of Monday, featuring a slider which gives users more control over their lighting. It’s a small change, to be honest, but for those of us who really try to get that perfect shot, the new Lux should help to make the contrast a little easier to use.

Currently, Instagram has over 150 million monthly active users, though it is not yet clear whether the update will be available to the Android-using population yet.

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Next LG Phone may be Water Resistant and Dustproof

The latest reports on LG’s smartphones claim that the successor to the G2 may be water resistant and dustproof. Though there are no official reports from the South Korean manufacturer itself, the phone is expected to be debuted to the world in the second half of this year.

The smartphone, which we can assume will probably be called the G3, already has a fair amount of speculation around it. According to previous reports, the smartphone will have a Quad HD display, an impressive 16-megapixel rear camera, as well as a 64-bit processor.

This isn’t the first we’ve ever heard of a water resistant phone, the feature is also available in Sony’s Xperia line, as well as Samsung’s brand new Galaxy S5. The feature makes a lot of sense for phone manufacturers to include, and everyone who’s ever lost several hundred dollars of phone to a few inches of water will surely breathe a sigh of relief. The dustproof feature is also a definite plus to reduce damage in the long term.

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Daylight Savings Bug Still Affecting iOS 7

Some of us find it hard enough to successfully navigate Daylight Savings Time on our own without a spate of missed appointments and oversleeping. Toss in a bug on your smartphone and the confusion is only going to get worse.

For a number of years, iPhone and iPad users have been plagued by bugs around Daylight Savings Time and this year is no different. Although Apple only recently released an update to iOS 7, several iPhone users may be frustrated to find that this bug hasn’t been addressed.

Running the most current version of iOS 7, iPhone and iPad users can see the bug in their Calendar App. While the daily calendar displays the correct time in its side bar, the indicator is placed an hour earlier than it should be, which may lead to confusion amongst users. Though the bug isn’t likely to cause too much disruption, it still seems strange that Apple devices have suffered from similar bugs for years without any concrete resolution.

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Apple Working on 4K Support for Mavericks

A lot has been said about how 4K resolution is the future of video, but so far that future still feels a little far away for most people. Apple is stepping up to bring its Mavericks platform up the speed with the requirements for streaming Ultra HD video.

According to Apple newshounds 9to5Mac, the newly-released beta of OS X 10.9.3 gives users the option to run the operating system in a 4K resolution. Of course, this won’t mean much for users whose screens are not capable of displaying real 4K resolution, but it will make a difference to those already using an Ultra HD monitor on their Mac.

Prior to this, 4K was not available to most Macs, but the new feature- dubbed ‘Retina’ by Apple- will be able to scale the operating system up to the new display. This change will make images sharper and more readable, and should be similar to the Retina displays seen in recent MacBook Pro models.

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Critical Internet Explorer Bugs to be Patched Next Week

Be on the lookout for two critical security updates scheduled to be released by Microsoft at some point next week.

Security updates addressing flaws in Internet Explorer, along with other areas of Windows, will be available to Microsoft users as of next week. The company announced in a bulletin on Thursday, that the update would patch a critical security flaw in IE10, which was found to be exploiting compromised websites since late January. The flaw was reported by security firm FireEye, with similar flaws also found by Websense.

Aside from this flaw, Microsoft is also addressing vulnerabilities which affect nearly all versions of Windows, including the 12-year-old Windows XP, which will be removed from active support in April. This security update may be one of the final upgrades ever made available for users of the discontinued sytem.

Microsoft’s “critical” rating is the most sever on its flaw classification system, so it is advisable for users of Internet Explorer 10 to install the update as soon as it becomes available to them.

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