BlackBerry Preparing to Launch New Flagship Phone

Though many people have written off BlackBerry as dead, the smartphone maker may come spluttering back to life with the release of a new flagship phone in the near future. BlackBerry CEO John Chen announced the company’s comeback plans to journalists at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, this week.

Though BlackBerry was one of the first on the scene when smartphones made their debut a few years ago, the company has been through a very rough patch in recent times. Through the hard times, the remaining BlackBerry fans have held on, and it is exactly that kind of loyalty which the company hopes to inspire in more people.

While attending the Congress in Barcelona, BlackBerry took its first steps towards building itself a new foothold in the mobile market, announcing the release of two new smartphones. One phone is a budget-friendly option which will hit the market in April, while the other  is expected to launch sometime around the end of the year.

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Facebook to Show Unsolicited Page Posts

When you start seeing Facebook posts made by Pages you don’t even follow, don’t panic; it’s just Zuckerberg and Co’s latest way to spread content around on your News Feed.

Announced on Tuesday, the latest tweak to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm means that you will start seeing posts in which Pages you’ve “liked” are tagged. If that sounds a little confusing, it means that if a Page you don’t follow posts about a Page you do follow, that post will probably show up on your News Feed. I hope that clears it all up.

The change is very similar to the way you can already see posts that your friends are tagged in even if they are tagged by strangers. Although this may work out well for businesses seeking to get a little more exposure through tagging other popular sites, the change might not be as pleasing to users who don’t want more marketing content on their News Feed.

This is the latest in  a string of changes from Facebook which aim to give users more content to engage with on their News Feed.

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LinkedIn to Open for Business in China

Professional social media network LinkedIn will be expanding its reach to include China according to an announcement made by company CEO Jeff Weiner on Monday. With China’s questionable history of internet censorship and blocking, LinkedIn will become one of the largest American social media presences in the country.

LinkedIn’s Chinese network will use Simplified Chinese in order to reach out to the country’s network of over 140 million professionals. Although the company will be obliged to the Chinese government’s strict requirements to continue offering service, Weiner claimed that content would only be restricted when absolutely necessary. “Extending our service in China raises difficult questions, but it is clear to us that the decision to proceed is the right one,” Weiner said.

As of writing, LinkedIn hosts a network of 277 million members from across the globe, with the final aim of connection professionals everywhere. With famous social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter being completely banned in China, LinkedIn may offer new windows of opportunity between American and Chinese networkers.

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Latest WhatsApp Outage Blamed on Faulty Network Router

A further WhatsApp outage late last week was blame on an issue caused by a network router glitch according to the messaging service.

The popular app, which was purchased by Facebook late last week for a whopping $19 billion experienced several problems over the weekend, igniting user fears that the acquisition spelled the beginning of the end for the service. Due to these problems, the service was unavailable to a large number of users at various times over the past weekend.

“We are sorry about the downtime,” said WhatsApp founder Jan Koum in a statement sent to Reuters. The outage, which was the largest and longest the service had experienced in a number of years; Kuom stated that the company was working with its service provider to resolve the issue and ensure it wouldn’t be repeated.

Although naysayers were very quick to point the finger at Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook, a quick look at WhatsApp’s history shows that outages are not entirely out of the ordinary for the service.

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OS X Encryption Fix Coming “Very Soon” says Apple

In an email to Reuters, Apple confirmed that it would be issuing a software update to fix its desktop and notebook encryption errors “very soon”. Late last week, researchers found that the email, financial information, and personal data of Mac users could be exposed by hackers thanks to a severe security flaw in Apple’s popular iOS 7 and OS X platforms.

At first, the security flaw discovered last week seemed to only affect iPads and iPhones, however researchers have since discovered that the major vulnerability also seems to exist in Apple’s notebooks and desktop computers, which run on OS X. Speaking to Reuters, Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller said that the company was aware of the issue and had a software fix in the works and lined up for a quick release.

Mobile devices already received their fix thanks to a quick security upgrade which was rolled out to iOS 7 devices on Friday- this will update automatically on most devices. However, once the iOS 7 flaw was fixed, experts were quickly able to trace a similar vulnerability to Apple’s other operating system.

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Gmail to Introduce One-Click Unsubscribe Tool

Gmail users may soon get a long-awaited solution to annoying promotional emails and mailing lists. If you’re a Gmail user who gets frustrated looking for that tiny “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of a marketing newsletter, you may soon be in luck.

As of this week, an “unsubscribe” link will now be visible right next to email headers in Gmail, allowing users to rid themselves of any unwanted inbox clutter easily and quickly. Until now, the only way to get out of these emailing lists was to scroll through the email to find a small link usually hidden at the bottom. Recently, Google made the easy unsubscribe feature available to a small percentage of its users, however as of late last week, the internet giant announced that the feature would soon roll out to everyone.

To benefit from this great new Gmail feature, you don’t even need to change your settings, just keep an eye on your inbox. As soon as the feature has been enabled on your account, you will be able to see an unsubscribe link beside the email address and sender information of many promotional messages.

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Social Media Lie Detector Will Tell Viral Truths from Fiction

As information travels more and more freely around the web, it’s become apparent that not everything written online is the truth. As viral media sites like Buzzfeed and Upworthy become increasingly popular, it becomes harder to distinguish between true stories and hoaxes circulated in a viral rush. One international group of researchers is trying to put a stop to this.

‘Phebe’ is an EU-funded research project which is attempting to create an online lie-detector for viral media. If the project is successful it could provide a more effective way to separate hoaxes from real news stories as well as pinpointing the culprits behind these viral lies. When it is complete, the system will work by collating data in order to assess whether or not a story seems likely to be true or false.

In order to produce accurate results, Phebe will look at the authority of sources, which can vary from well-known news outlets, to eyewitnesses, blogs, and automated bots.

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