Bitcoin’s Biggest Wallet Service Loses $40,000 to Hackers

With so much money being invested into Bitcoin, millions of people are beginning to trust their purchases to digital wallet services whenever they make the leap to cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, even the most secure wallets services are not completely immune to devastating attacks from hackers.

Coinbase is well known as one of the most reliable online wallet services currently in operation, serving as a cornerstone for the burgeoning Bitcoin economy. With over $15 million worth of Bitcoin transactions handled by the service in a single month,  Coinbase became a favorite for cryptocurrency beginners and experts alike.

However, despite Coinbase’s reputation for Bitcoin dependability and security, it has been reported that the service has recently experienced a number of thefts amounting to a total of around $40,000 in lost Bitcoins. It is thought by technology experts on The Verge that the thefts are not caused by a service-wide vulnerability, but may have been caused by compromised API keys, which would grant hackers complete access to individual accounts.

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Facebook Can Access Confidential User Info, Warns Kaspersky

World-famous security firm Kaspersky has warned users that Facebook may have easy access to their text messages, photos, and other confidential information thanks to the social network’s mobile app.

The report from Kaspersky confirms that Facebook can access text messages and private information through its mobile application. Luckily for some, not all mobile users seem to be vulnerable to the potential invasion of privacy from Facebook; Kaspersky’s security researchers have found that Android device users are the ones at risk.

“Buried within the latest update for Facebook’s Android app is a feature that is causing growing concern among some users,” Kaspersky stated, warning about the potential breach of personal privacy that users risked by trusting the new mobile app. “We’d urge people to carefully check the permissions requested by any app when you first install it.”

When downloading the latest version of the app, users are being asked to allow Facebook to read text messages. The process in question is supposedly used by Facebook to confirm the phone number added to your account by checking for the code sent via text message. While this may seem like a useful measure, the introduction of this feature has had Android users concerned about privacy since it first appeared.

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New Galaxy S5 Smartphone May Feature Full-Screen Fingerprint Sensor

Never willing to sit back and be outdone by their competitors at Apple, Samsung are reportedly developing a smartphone which will feature a fingerprint sensor running underneath its entire screen.

Before you get too giddy, remember that this little revelation is still a rumor coming from an anonymous insider to bloggers at iTechAddict. According to the unnamed source within Samsung’s research and development branch in India, the smartphone’s entire screen will serve as a fingerprint sensor. Potentially, this could mean that users could touch any part of the screen to gain access to secure content or locked apps.

In contrast, Apple’s iPhone 5S also featured a fingerprint sensor hidden away underneath the phone’s home button for an added security measure, however a full-screen sensor would be a vast improvement. Famously and embarrassingly, the security measures put in place by the iPhone 5S lasted only a few days until hackers found a way to by-pass the fingerprint sensor. Whether or not Samsung’s full-screen fingerprint sensor will be able to fare any better is yet to be seen.

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Twitter’s First Public Quarter Sees Disappointing Loss

Three months ago, Twitter made its debut as a public company on the New York Stock Exchange; however the microblogging social network has reported a disappointing net loss of $645 million.

While it has been reported that this loss was expected by market analysts, investors are concerned about a bigger problem than a slow quarter. Reportedly, Twitter’s monthly user count has only risen by a sluggish 3.8% from the previous quarter. Comparatively, the monthly user growth rate was around 10% at the beginning of 2013, so last quarter’s gain is disappointingly sluggish for the social network.

In after-hours trading on Wednesday, Twitter’s stock dipped by as much as 11% following the report that the site’s new users had begun to decline. It was also reported that timeline views across the site fell by almost 7% in the last quarter, dropping from 159 billion to 148 billion and revealing that users are spending less time refreshing their accounts.

Although Twitter’s initial public offering price of $26 per share has been doubled since it debuted on the stock market, the company’s mainstream appeal and user gain will make a significant contribution to the stock’s future.

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UK Government Boosts Funding to Teach Kids Code

As the technology and digital industries continue to grow, there is further demand for skilled designers, developers and technicians which many countries may not be able to provide. In an effort to create better educational opportunities for the developers of the future, the UK has pledged to increase the focus on programming in the educational system.

This year, the UK will lead the world by becoming the first major G20 economy to give coding an important part in the national curriculum. It was announced on Wednesday at the Skills 2014 Summit in London that a new initiative would be introduced to give teachers the opportunity to learn coding. These newly-trained teachers would then hopefully be able to provide better guidance to students interested in a career in the growing field of technology entrepreneurship.

The project includes the designation of 400 “Master Teachers” who would themselves be able to train school teachers in how best to provide technological education and resources for students. There is also a scholarship program available for those who are interested in become computing teachers, which is being backed by technology giants such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Facebook.

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Apple Reportedly Resurrecting the iPhone 4

If the latest rumors are to be believed, Apple has resume production of the iPhone 4- but the previously discontinued handset will only be available in three countries.

With the release of the iPhone 5S and 5C last September, Apple officially discontinued the production of the popular iPhone 4, however the high starting prices for the phones has made them difficult to market in certain markets. According to a report by the Economic Times, Apple fans in India, Indonesia, and Brazil will soon be able to purchase the relaunched phone at more budget-friendly prices.

Recently, Samsung has been able to take more and more of the smartphone market share away from Apple, and it has widely been theorized that this is due at least in part to the price of Apple’s phones. Although it was previously expected that last September’s iPhone release would include a budget model of the famous smartphone, Apple made no such revelation. Whilst there were indeed two iPhones released in 2013, the iPhone 5C bears a $549 price tag that could hardly classify it as a “budget” model.

In India, where the pricey iPhones have claimed very little of the market share, it is expected that the resurfacing iPhone 4 will be on sale for around $240 (15,000 Indian Rupees).

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Pebble Smartwatch gets its Own Appstore

Crowd-funded smartwatch project Pebble has been met with great enthusiasm by the investors and early buyers that brought the device to life. Now, the internet-funded, geek chic smartwatch has finally got an appstore of its very own so that users no longer depend on third-party app downloads.

The Pebble appstore will be available to users from within the Pebble app installed on connected iOS or Android devices. Although Pebble has relied on third-party downloads in the past, over 3 million apps have already been downloaded to the smartphones.

This announcement comes just a couple of short weeks following the unveiling of Pebble’s latest look, a sleek, shiny and more serious iteration known as Pebble Steel. Where the original smartwatch was the sort of chunky and colorful release that appeals to the tech-geek crowd, Steel seems to represent Pebble’s attempts to crack the mainstream market.

“The aesthetics just weren’t there. We treated that as a design problem,” said Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky when asked about the noticeable differences seen with Steel. With matte finishes and a brushed metal exterior, Steel is certainly an attempt to capture more consumer interest.

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