How to record Skype calls on Windows

Do you use Skype to chat with your friends on a regular basis? Or, do you use it to keep in touch with your clients around the globe? Whatever you use it for; Skype has enough features packed into it to make your conversation a hassle-free affair. The latest version of Skype (Version 4.0) comes with enhancements specifically catered towards optimizing the rate of data transfer over the internet, thus greatly improving the quality of voice transmission during a conversation.

Speaking of conversations, have you ever wished to record a particular Skype conversation for future reference? Maybe you could record troubleshooting tips shared by a techie buddy and use those later when you ran into trouble with your PC or accessories. Or, maybe you could record conversations on sensitive topics, which you believe the other party may choose to deny later on. Either way, recording certain conversations can be beneficial to you in the long run. Thankfully, software developers around the world have also thought about this. There are a plethora of software tools available that allow you to record any Skype conversations.

Some of the tools that you can use for recording voice calls on Skype are free for use, while others are available for purchase for a nominal price. These tools include:

  1. Pamela 2.0 Professional: Pamela is available in both Basic and Pro versions. The basic version supports Skype Answering Machine (with both voice and video), and not much more. But Pamela really shines when you upgrade to Pro version, allowing you to record Skype conversations as MP3, WAV or OGG files in local hard disk. It also generates HTML code, which you can use to post the recorded file to your blog, or distribute it as a podcast.
  2. PowerGramo Recorder for Skype: The free version of PowerGramo supports voice recording directly from Skype, as long as the conversation involves only two persons. You can save the recorded file to your hard disk in OGG or WAV format. However, for recording conference calls involving more than two persons, you need to upgrade to pro version.
  3. KishKish SAM: This is a powerful Skype plug-in available for a nominal price. If you are answering a Skype call from someone else, then the recording starts as soon as you answer the call. However, if you are calling someone else, then the recording will only start when the other person answers the call. The recording can be stopped or resumed at will.

These three tools are great for recording Skype calls in Windows®. There are certainly other tools available, but these three undoubtedly take the cake.

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