Send twitted messages and updates from Gmail account

Popular e-mail service providers such as Gmail now enable users to send messages from a remote e-mail client through SMTP servers. Presence protocol also known as XMPP or Extensible Messaging is kept at a standard level for the instant messaging and is used by very many of the IM application types. XMPP is an open standard that gives more room for one to create compatible applications for chatting. There are many ways in which the XMPP can be used usefully including using the XMPP as microblogging system.

Twitter’s introduction, has brought a total transformation in microblogging. The creation of microblogging with Jabber and Gmail has been done on the basis of Gmail Status Concept. When using the Gmail and at the chat option, one has the freedom of setting the custom status messages that is desired to make it possible to share current status or something else for the fun of it. If one sets a couple of separate status messages, it will be possible to notice that three of the previous messages are visible. If one is able to create a log and then store the messages by the time and date, then that is all that is important. This is only possible using XMPP since Gmail is known to use this protocol. is a Russian site that applies the same concept and also runs the mictoblogging site. Juick works by taking messages that have XMPP and then using the same messages to create micro blogs. No sign up or registration is required. The blog is normally created depending on the start record messages and username. The twitter liveblog plugin connects to twitter by facilitating the live blogins and also the sending of messages via twitter in the form of a blog post. The first message sent normally creates blog post and then every twitter update will be automatically added to the blog spot and thereby forming a blog post that is also live. A post can be ended by writing a closing message.

Incase a twitter message has been deleted accidentally or when one needs to recover a deleted message, the tweleted feature is able to facilitate the recovery of such like messages. It works by searching for the tweets by a specific user and then makes a comparison of the available tweets on the users profile and let him pick the one he wants. Gmail users are able to send twitted messages and updates for their Gmail accounts. If using a Gmail account, add the twitter feature to your inbox and enjoy the benefits it has to offer. In addition, it offers users plugins enabling users to receive and send tweets from various websites and applications.

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