Svchost.exe - Multiple Instances Running

Multiple Instances of Svchost.exe Running

Should there be multiple svchost.exe processes running on my computer?

If you have Microsoft Windows® XP or Vista installed in your PC, you certainly have a number of svchost.exe processes running at all times. Svchost is a generic, Win32 process that helps files and services run with the help of DLL files. The file gets loaded in the memory during the boot up process and multiple instances of the process may be running at any given moment.

The process helps several programs and services to run, and groups those separately based on certain criteria. That is the reason for multiple instances of the svchost.exe process running in your PC at any given time.

You can see how many instances of svchost.exe are running in your PC by opening up the Task Manager. In order to do this, right click on the taskbar and select the option Task Manager from the menu. In the Task Manager window that opens up, you will find 3-4 instances of svchost.exe running in your PC. Each instance is responsible for running one or more processes.

You cannot perform “End Task” operation on instances of svchost.exe. Doing so will, more often than not, shut down Windows® immediately. At times, svchost.exe may throw up errors saying that it is unable to access a particular memory address, or is unable to connect to the internet, or even that it has encountered a serious error and needs to close. While it is possible that it is just a temporary error that would go away on its own, there is always a risk of Svchost getting infected by a worm or virus.

If you find these errors, do run your updated antivirus software and perform a full scan on your PC. If the Svchost shows up as an infected file, do not attempt to delete it. It may render Windows® inoperative. You can, however, quarantine the file. That way, your PC will work as before, and the quarantined Svchost will not affect any other resources on your PC either.

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