The Importance of Resource Libraries

Many people have a virus or a corrupt file on their system until they actually know about it.  Normally system crashes can cause a concern or maybe when an Anti Virus program will pick up the problem,  and only then will you know that you have something wrong Internally on your PC.  It is always advised to keep your PC up to date with the latest windows version, and have some sort of Anti Virus scanner enabled with a spyware program installed too.

Their is a high demand for cracked software of which people prefer than actually purchasing a product. There is however the risk that the “crack” produced within the package of the file has hidden malware or viruses installed within the cracked software. Normally your anti virus scanner will pick these up and remove them from your system, but some files still get past the process and are hidden in your machine normally within your Process Libraries.

Malware, Viruses and Trojans, can record keystrokes, which means they can see everything you are typing including passwords, login’s, back data basically anything that you use via webpages on your PC.

The solution is simply to keep your PC up to date, and run regular virus protection scans and search for Viruses and malware. Once complete, your PC should be clean from errors and be running alot smoother and also your internet speed may speed up in the process.

To check your Internet speed try:

How outdated are your PC drivers?
Old drivers harm system performance and make your PC vulnerable to errors and crashes.

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