Types of attacks your computer may suffer from on the net

If you surf the internet on a regular basis, then you must realize that your computer gets exposed to a variety of threats from the internet. Viruses, spyware, worms, and malware, everything is waiting to skim through your PC, scanning its contents and altering its components. Even more dangerous are hackers, who primarily target the sensitive data stored in your PC, including your e-mail passwords, and most importantly, your credit card numbers that you may provide to secure websites when purchasing something through online stores. Let us look into these threats individually:

  1. Viruses – Computer viruses have always been the cause for alarm among PC users. Viruses work in different ways; some can slow down your PC to a crawl, others can wipe out data from your hard drive, corrupt system files and generally wreck havoc on your PC. Viruses are very dangerous, and you should always install some good antivirus software on your PC and keep it updated regularly. Scan your PC with this regularly to make sure that it is free from viruses and if not, learn how to find out which virus is on your computer.
  2. Worms – These are not anywhere near viruses in danger factor, but can be pretty annoying. These malicious bits of software can stay resident in the memory, thereby slowing down your PC, sapping away RAM, interfering with the speed of your internet connection, and what not. What’s worse is that these often have a nasty habit of sending e-mails to every contact in your address book. Not a good thing. However, a good quality antivirus will be able to keep most worms at bay.
  3. Spyware – These are small bits of malicious software that usually infiltrate your PC through certain websites. These usually get installed without user intervention, which means that you will not even know when your PC is getting infected by a spyware, unless you receive a intrusion warning message from your antivirus or firewall. Spywares can be dangerous when these enter your PC, because these can act as keyloggers, tapping into your key presses and sending information about those through the internet to the people who created the spyware in the first place.
  4. Malware – These are similar to spyware, in that these often have similar ways of working. The main difference is that these usually pose a very innocent face up front, so in most cases, you will be installing these programs inadvertently in your PC.

Your PC has to withstand many attacks in the form of one or more of these threats on a regular basis, whenever you are connected to the internet. Keep a good firewall and antivirus installed in your PC, to make sure that the dangerous denizens of the Internet leave your PC alone.

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