What is a DRV file

A DRV, or a driver file, is a program that can interact with a particular hardware or peripheral device (keyboard, mouse, gamepad, etc.). Some DRV files may also interact with optional software utilities or computer games. These DRV files help the operating system to interact with the special software or peripheral devices that the operating system would not be able to interact with on its own.

The driver files are often packed within Dynamic Link Library files (or .dll files). These files not only help the operating system to interface with the hardware devices or software, in some cases these files can also unlock special features in those. For instance, a graphics display adapter may support 65,000 colors after you install the associated DRV files, whereas without those files, the display may be restricted to 256 colors only.

You can usually install DRV files by using the driver CD/DVD that came bundled with the hardware, peripheral device, or software. After you properly install the hardware or peripheral device into your PC, look for a driver CD/DVD in the package of the device. If you do not find a driver disc, then the driver may have been installed with your operating system already. If you find a driver disc, then insert it into the optical drive of your PC. The autorun program should start and provide you with step by step instructions. Follow those and the driver will be installed. Restart your PC and you will be done.

In case of software and computer games, the situation is a bit different. The driver files will usually be installed directly with the software itself. The moment you restart the PC, the driver will be registered in Windows Registry. The software should then work fine, unless there are other issues, such as, disk space, system resources, version of operating system, and so on.

DRV files cannot, under normal circumstances, be opened using any third party software. Your operating system will usually be able to recognize the DRV file and link it with the corresponding hardware or software automatically. You should not try to open or edit DRV files. You may end up corrupting the DRV file. Some hardware and software may require drivers to unlock the full functionality of those, but may come without a bundled driver disc. In these cases, you may look for and download the drivers via the internet. That should solve your problems with the hardware or peripheral device.

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