Why do people create a Virus ?

This is a question I was asked recently. ‘Why do people create a virus ?’

The problem we have in this world is everyone trying to make a few dollars either legitimately or not. The issue comes from actually very Intelligent individuals or groups that create a sort of virus that will either take control of your browser, redirection to a payment page or hijacking your system to think that you need some type of software to remove the virus at a price.

These viruses can be embedded into anything, from exe files, DLL files, tool-bars, and we have even seen hidden installs via JavaScript on malicious websites. We must as a user keep up to date with these malicious threats, by updating our browser, installing anti virus software, and keeping our computers stable enough to stop these attacks.

The majority of viruses we see is in the form of zip files and on cracked software. Always remember to look at the source, or do a scan of the file before it has installed. If your anti virus scanner has found the threat remove it and clean the system.

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