Windows, Mac & Linux Comparison

Windows, Mac and Linux are undoubtedly the three major operating systems used by computer users around the world. Windows has the highest user base, followed by Linux and Mac. True, all three are operating systems, but the internal architectures are different in each. This difference in architecture also results in a difference in the types of hardware and software that the three can support.


The Windows operating system is pretty versatile, and can be installed on PCs having variable amounts of resources. There are versions of Windows that can be installed on PCs having as little resource as 233 MHz processor and 64 MB RAM. On the other hand, the later versions can require as high resources as Pentium 4 processors with 512 MB RAM. Thus Windows users get good choices for their operating systems, based on the system resources they have. However, Windows operating system cannot be installed in Macintosh computers.

However, an even greater benefit of Windows users is the user-friendliness of the operating system. The graphical user interface is surprisingly easy to work with, and many complicated tasks on Windows can be performed with a few clicks of a mouse only. Even a layman who has never used computers can learn how to use Windows in relatively short time interval. Windows has the highest user base, and correspondingly, most software vendors develop software packages, tools and utilities based on this operating system. So, whatever task users may need to perform, chances are that they will find multiple tools or utilities to assist them in the task.


Linux users have the benefit of having low resource requirements as well. Linux can be installed on a PC just having the bare minimum resources. In fact, Linux is so versatile that almost any type of computer and console can probably support it, except Macintosh computers, which come preloaded with Mac OS X. However, the real problem with Linux mostly lies in its lack of user-friendliness. While Linux does have a good graphical user interface, users still have to use the command line to perform many tasks. Command lines only accept textual commands that must be typed by hand, and are often too complicated for novice users.


Macintosh computers come preloaded with the Mac OS X, and this OS can only be installed on the Mac. These computers are considerably more expensive than other PCs. Even an entry level Mac can cost almost twice the amount required to assemble a Windows PC. Price is a major setback, and so is the hardware support of this OS. Mac OS X can only work on computers built specifically for the operating system. No other type of computer can run a Mac OS X.

These are basically the compatibility issues regarding the three major operating systems that are used around the world these days. Each has pros and cons, and the choice is ultimately dependent on the user’s preference.

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