36232LX LTO Autoloader

Device driver details
Category: Storage & Hard Drives
Manufacturer: IBM
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 1,074KB
Operating System: Windows XP/ NT/ 2000/ 2003 Server
Latest Version / Release Date: Version / 01 Jan 2007
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Windows device driver information for 36232LX LTO Autoloader

The 36232LX LTO Autoloader driver works using an Auto-Split module and the _END_ token to be able to suspend the processes of subroutines until such time the system requires the module, rather that processes all the modules at the same time. The author of the module should place subroutine definitions into the autoloader to guarantee that these definitions will be auto-loaded right after the _END_ token. To extract the definitions, the Auto-Split module will be manually executed. The 36232LX LTO Autoloader driver is responsible for the implementation of Autoload Subroutine. The driver will try to find the subroutine within a file using a specific name that is link to the location of the file when an unidentified subroutine is dubbed. If the file exists, the auto-load will then read and assess it. Once the procedure is executed and defined, the driver can now bypass the auto-load mechanism.

An Autoloader refers to a tape storage device which robotically loads the required tape cartridges needed for a particular task. The Autoloaders stack loader loads cartridges according to specific order or sequence. According to its manufacturer, 36232LX LTO Autoloader offers high performance, high capacity advanced technology used for the mid-range system. It uses a 2U external stand-alone that includes an IBM LTO 2nd Generation drive. It can load eight cartridges to provide a capacity of 1.6TB and 3.2TB with compression. It can support xSeries Servers. The 36232LX LTO Autoloader includes a single LTO (Linear Tape Open), providing a double performance of up to 35MB per second and 70 MB per second for its local data transfer with compression. Autoloader can only read codes as requested, which requires the auto-split attribute to generate the individual files needed. The autoloader is identical in purpose to the SelfLoader, for both subroutines as well as delays. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and 36232LX LTO Autoloader errors before installing any driver updates.

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