Acer FMS Voice Modem Serial Wave Device

Device driver details
Category: Camera
Manufacturer: Apple Inc.
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 57.31 MiB
Operating System: Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Latest Version / Release Date: / 2nd November 2007
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Windows device driver information for Acer FMS Voice Modem Serial Wave Device

The iSight webcam is incorporated in Mac notebooks such as Mac Book and Mac Book Pro. It is also built into the company's desktop computers and LED Cinema Display. Apple built-in iSight has an inner USB 2.0 interface. It constitutes a plastic lens, set focus and a CSMOS active pixel integrated antenna. It can also be used in the Photo Booth system, which is an application that allows users to take pictures with the iSight video camera. It also features outstanding visual effects. The camera can be used for several purposes such as video chat sessions, conferencing and Internet communication in real time. Chatting is possible with other users of iChat and Windows AIM. A broadband Internet connection or local area network is required. The iSight camera is now exclusively built in since the production of the external one stopped in 2006.

With stellar image value and integration, the Apple iSight is the best option for Mac owners who use iChat. It is fairly more expensive than some of the other web cameras in the market. iSight initiates a dialogue box that offers clear guidance on how to set up an iChat account. It cannot be used with certain accounts, Yahoo being one of them. It is effortlessly used with iMovie, which guarantees consistent video and sound. The sound quality during iChat is rated highly for its crispness and clarity. The sensitive microphone picks up the slightest of sounds. Video messaging with other PC users is possible through application of Logitech software. For Mac users, the iSight is the most suitable webcam for its quality and user-friendly nature. Apple built-in iSight can be turned into a video surveillance system. Although slightly pricey, this webcam is a good deal. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Acer FMS Voice Modem Serial Wave Device errors before installing any driver updates.

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