AppianX 4-Port WinNT4 [nt4v104b07a1i]

Device driver details
Category: Network and modems
Manufacturer: AppianX
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 973KB
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/2000/NT
Latest Version / Release Date: 1.3.0 / 2008
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Windows device driver information for AppianX 4-Port WinNT4 [nt4v104b07a1i]

The AppianX 4-Port WinNT4 [nt4v104b07a1i] is a network device that uses the Ethernet technology to boost internet connections both at home and at the office. It has characteristic high speeds which work on increasing productivity. Data is transferred at great speeds and distance between industries is lessened. It has a user friendly interface that allows for plug and play thus making the installation process hassle free. The AppianX 4-Port WinNT4 [nt4v104b07a1i] has the capability of turning any electrical socket into an internet point. The network speeds experienced with this device are rated at 85 mbps. It allows for sharing and up to four workstations will be able to use it simultaneously. It is created on personal computers that include desktops, notebooks and laptops. Other systems that are compatible with the AppianX 4-Port WinNT4 [nt4v104b07a1i] include print servers, gaming devices and network storage machines.

The AppianX 4-Port WinNT4 [nt4v104b07a1i] works well with network devices that are programmed for Local Area Networks (LAN). It works best in a windows environment of windows Vista of the Microsoft Company. It operates on a full duplex mode and it can be configured to block unauthorized access. It comes with four hubs that allow users to connect up to four personal computers for a comfortable simultaneous sharing. The AppianX 4-Port WinNT4 [nt4v104b07a1i] sharing also includes the use of printers which can be shared by all the computers in the work station. Users will only need to send work to the networked printer and their print jobs are done at great speeds. This cuts down on running costs since money is not invested in many devices. Music can be listened to and shared by different users and pictures can also be shared. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and AppianX 4-Port WinNT4 [nt4v104b07a1i] errors before installing any driver updates.

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