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LiUtilities.com is a free online resource by Uniblue hosting a number of directories aimed at helping you understand the PC world more. Browse the list below to go to the relevant section;

Process Library
When any software runs on a PC, it does so through a process. A process is the actual program (or program threads) running on your PC. Some programs may appear to be running more than once. This might be because they open multiple threads to work faster.

DLL Library
DLL is short for Dynamic Link Library. DLLs are important files programs use to accomplish tasks. DLL files host certain program functionality which might be shared between programs. As such, programmers use these DLLs to be able to write more efficient code without increasing file sizes unnecessarily.

File Extensions
File extensions are a reference to the file’s function. From executables (.exe) meaning a program can be executed or ran to information files (.inf) and text files (.doc, .txt, ,odt) this library covers some of the more commonly used extensions. This might help you identify rogue files and handling them accordingly.

Device Drivers
Device drivers are small programs that enable Windows to ‘speak’ to devices such as printers, faxes and even keyboards. Every device needs a driver to work and this library contains a comprehensive list of the most common and perhaps some of the rarest.

How-To Articles
Are you an avid DIY-er? Do you have a PC issue you can’t get your head around and need some help with? How To articles offer comprehensive and detailed information to help you understand and fix issues encountered within a PC environment.

Malware Library
Malware is the bane of the PC industry. Here we help you identify common malware programs and how to handle these potentially harming threats.