Burr-Brown USB Audio Codec 2906 (commercial V2.6.1)

Device driver details
Category: USB
Manufacturer: Burr-Brown
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: Not Specified
Operating System: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/98
Latest Version / Release Date: 2.6.1 / 17 Jul 2005
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Windows device driver information for Burr-Brown USB Audio Codec 2906 (commercial V2.6.1)

The Burr-Brown USB Audio Codec 2906 (commercial V2.6.1) is compatible with Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and 98 platforms. It is single chip and comes with a protocol controller which complies with USB as well as S/PDIF. What is most unique about the USB compliant protocol controller is the fact that it is able to work without a software code. However, it is possible for users to modify the USVB descriptors in such areas as product/vendor ID. The Burr-Brown USB Audio Codec 2906 (commercial V2.6.1) makes use of SpAct architecture in addition to Texas Instrument's unique system which is able to recover the audio clock from the USB's packet data. The device also comes with on-chip analog PLL's which also have the SpAct architecture. The PLL's enables playback and record but with low clock jitters. In addition, they enable independent recording as well as playback sampling rates.

Burr-Brown USB Audio Codec 2906 (commercial V2.6.1) supports both DAC (32, 44.1. 48 khz) and ADC (11, 16, 32, 48 khz) sampling rates. The device which is bus powered is fully compliant with 1.1 USB and it is fully certified by USB-IF. It comes inclusive of a digital LCF and antialiasing filter. To use the functions of the device better and more easily, users are advised to use the most recent driver version (2.6.1) or to update their drivers frequently. Users are discouraged from using old drivers as they result in device conflicts and errors. Recent Burr-Brown USB Audio Codec 2906 (commercial V2.6.1) are best downloaded for free from the manufacturer's website. When downloading drivers from the internet, users are also advised to install anti viruses on their computers. Anti viruses helps protect the user's computer system from viruses and Trojans. Making window backups also comes highly recommended. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Burr-Brown USB Audio Codec 2906 (commercial V2.6.1) errors before installing any driver updates.

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