Caplio RX

Device driver details
Category: Camera
Manufacturer: Ricoh
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: Not specified
Operating System: Windows NT/XP/98/2000/Mac OS
Latest Version / Release Date: / 04 Mar 2010
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Windows device driver information for Caplio RX

This is a digital camera. It is considered to have a very fast response time for its shutter. It has a shutter response time of 0.12 seconds. This digital camera has a 28 mm lens. Its wide angle lens makes it a reliable camera as one can use it to capture objects that are quite far. It has a rather fast response time too. It is also equipped with a sensor. In addition to the 3 mega pixel sensor, this camera has an optical zoom that goes up to 3.6 X. the camera has the ability to zoom in any distance between 28 mm and 100mm, which is equated to a camera that operates using a 35mm film. It has a wide angle of view that can go up to 75 degrees. These attributes make it a convenient camera for the user as it dos not limit one to specific range of images as one can even take group photos or landscape photos at a wide angle in just one shot unlike many other conventional cameras.

This camera is also engineered to automatically focus on images. It has the ability to store images in its SD card that acts as its secondary memory or any other compatible multi media card. It has as tar up time of 0.9 seconds. It is quite slim and also light in weight compared to other cameras of its kind. This makes it portable and easy to carry around and hold. It has on optical view finder. The camera is also engineered to record sound and also files in wav format. It is fitted with 9 elements that are further placed into seven groups. These features make this digital camera capable of producing high quality and clear images of up to 2592 by 1944 pixels. This digital camera is so convenient that it can be used to produce large prints that can go up to an A3 size, still in high quality. It has a high resolution and this increases its ability to deliver clear and detailed images. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Caplio RX errors before installing any driver updates.

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