ClipperCom 56K PC Card Modem GSM

Device driver details
Category: Modem
Manufacturer: Smart Modular Technologies
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 4.76 MB
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Latest Version / Release Date: / 06 May 2010
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Windows device driver information for ClipperCom 56K PC Card Modem GSM

The manufacturers of the ClipperCom 56K PC Card Modem GSM have given the users a remarkable solution to communication on a notebook computer. The ClipperCom 56K PC Card Modem GSM is both a data and fax modem. This device is engineered to operate at a relatively fast speed which is ideal for data communication. It gives one the opportunity to keep in touch using phone lines that operate using the analog technology. In addition to that, this device also allows one to communicate with the phones that have worldwide compatibility including the GSM phones which use the wireless and digital technology. This device allows for fast data transfer. It sends data at a speed of 128 kilo bytes per second. The modem can also be used as an ISDN adapter. Its fast operating speed is ideal when connecting to the internet. It is also fast in downloading graphics from the net. Unlike other modems, this modem gives one the opportunity to stay on line 40% longer.

This modem allows for point to point communications thanks to the incorporation of the ISDN technology. As mentioned, this modem allows one to transfer data at a relatively high speed of 128 kb every minute. This is only when data is compressed. When it’s not compressed on the other hand, this device transferred data at twice the speed. When operating with a telephone, this modem supports several connections. These include ISDN, POTS and GSM cell phones. When used to send or receive fax messages, this device operates at a speed of 14,400 bits per second when using a landline and 9,600 BPS when using a GSM phone. When transferring data, p operates at an approximate speed of 56,000 when with a landline and 9,600 when used with a GSM phone. This device can be stored at a temperature of between -25 degrees and +60 degrees, but when in operation, this device needs a temperature of up to +45 degrees, but not less than 0 degrees. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and ClipperCom 56K PC Card Modem GSM errors before installing any driver updates.

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