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Category: Sound and Multimedia
Manufacturer: Plextor
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: N/A
Operating System: Windows 98/2000/XP
Latest Version / Release Date: / 16 Nov 2004
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Windows device driver information for ConvertX TV402U XLOADER

ConvertX TV402U XLOADER is a video recorder and converter from Plextor. This device is a ConvertX PVR model called PX-TV402U. It is a very dependable video recorder for personal computers. This device offers connection to a cable TV, satellite TV or broadcast TV signal. It allows users to record and save TV programs to the computer. The recorder programs can then be watched at a later time. They can also be burned on VCDs or DVDs and played on their respective players. The device also enables users to record videos from camcorders, VCRs or DVD players connected to the computer. The device converts the video output and allows the user to save them on the PC. This video recorder is a very useful device that can be used to tune in to television programs using the computer. Its video capture functionality makes TV viewing a lot easier.

In ordinary television sets, a user does not have the option to pause any TV program or save into a storage device for future playback. However, when a TV tuner or video recorder such as the ConvertX TV402U XLOADER is installed in a computer, television functionalities are added to the system. This allows users to watch their favorite television programs and pause them anytime. The user has the option to save the video captured by the device. The ConvertX TV402U XLOADER supports a variety of television formats that allows users to tune in to any television program without worrying about compatibility. The device automatically converts these videos into digital format allowing them to be read by a multimedia application installed on the computer. The ConvertX TV402U XLOADER video recorder and its driver are provided by Plextor. The latest version of the device driver is version It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and ConvertX TV402U XLOADER errors before installing any driver updates.

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