DVB-T 385U

Device driver details
Category: Monitor and Video Card
Manufacturer: Kworld
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 3.5 MB
Operating System: Windows operating systems
Latest Version / Release Date: v8. / 04/26/2009
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Windows device driver information for DVB-T 385U

The DVB-T 385U is a TV Tuner device. It is a computer component that is capable of allowing TV signals to be received by a computer system. Almost all TV tuner devices also work as cards for video capture, which allows them to record TV shows straight to the computer’s hard disk. Interfaces used for TV tuner devices are typically either PCIe (PCI Express) bus for more advanced cards or the PCI bus expansion card. USB, ExpressCard and PCMCIA can likewise be used. Further, some video cards can actually double as a TV tuner such as the ATI All in Wonder video card series. This hybrid type of TV tuner has an analog to digital converter (ADC) and tuner (known collectively as an analog front end), plus an interface and demodulation interface logic. Some lower end TV tuner cards do not have an onboard processor, so like a Winmodem they rely on the CPU for demodulation processes.

The DVB-T standard used by the DVB-T 385U TV tuner is a widely used method for sending digital video broadcasting-terrestrial signals. When broadcasters implement this type of method, digital signals do not actually leave the earth. The signals sent utilizing DVB-T don’t travel though cable, instead, the signals go from one aerial antenna to another aerial antenna, from a signal blaster, then to a home receiver. Digital signals are routinely sent utilizing terrestrial methods. This transmission method is called by different names depending on the country it is implemented in. Broadcasters send data utilizing a digital A/V (audio/ video) stream that is compressed. The complete process is founded on the MPEG 2 standard. The transmissions may include different types of digital broadcasting. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and DVB-T 385U errors before installing any driver updates.

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