Fusion HDTV 88x, WDM Crossbar

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Category: Not classified
Manufacturer: Canon
Caution Level: Safe
Operating System: Windows NT/2000/XP and VISTA
Latest Version: iPF6100
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Windows device driver information for Fusion HDTV 88x, WDM Crossbar

The fusion is high reception card that is cost effective that comes with the HDTV software decoding engine. The card has good reception that is accompanied by good picture quality on both low resolution monitor and LCD screens this is due to the decoding engine which auto detects the type of screen when screening any picture. Fusion is compatible with almost all the video cards out there this applies to mother boards too. The fusion reception card works with any VGA card, this includes the MX version of N-vidia video card. The reception card is completely compatible with ATI, SIS and VIA. The card works with DDR266 random access memory and a processor speed of 4.1G but other versions of the fusion card come with the Athlon software which increases the reception strength and picture quality. The fusion card is perfect for any TV cards since the reception is increased and the picture quality is increased.

With the use of the fusion card the user can record live high definition streams broadcasting to a computer and have them play back at any time they want. The card gives the user two options that include whole stream and sub channel recording. The fusion HDTV card uses the most recent tuner so as to attain the best reception rate this is supported by the fact that the card is compatible with most all digital terrestrial's channels so that the user has the ability to receive all the available channels on different streams. The card also supports the analog signal and converts it to either SVCD/ VCD and DVD formats. The fusion card is compatible with S/PDIF audio output through the integrated sound card. The fusion card is capable of capturing high definition still images at any given moment. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Fusion HDTV 88x, WDM Crossbar errors before installing any driver updates.

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