Gameport Joystick Device (ADS7181)

Device driver details
Category: Sound and Multimedia
Manufacturer: Aztech Labs
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 1.3 MB
Operating System: Windows 2003, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98
Latest Version / Release Date: 1 / 03 Sep 1998
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Windows device driver information for Gameport Joystick Device (ADS7181)

The Gameport Joystick Device (ADS7181) serves as the traditional interface port for video gaming devices which serve as input hardware components for computer games. This particular interface is commonly found as part of the communication port found on audio cards and makes use of a 15-pin male connector which is responsible for the transmission of signals which in turn are deciphered by the computer game application. This particular hardware interface is activated with the installation of the manufacturer provided device driver for the sound card. Since the Gameport Joystick Device (ADS7181) is a built-in component of the supported audio card, there is a possibility that generic device drivers will not be able to effectively activate this component although the sound processor may be operational. The device driver for this hardware component allows for the execution of the Hot Plug feature of the operating system environment which is believed to be the predecessor of the Plug and Play technology.

The use of the game port interface is found more commonly in older computer systems. This is primarily because newer operating system platforms have ceased support for this communication port interface due to the increase in the presence of Universal Serial Bus based gaming accessories. In this context it may be entirely possible that the Gameport Joystick Device (ADS7181) can still be activated in newer operating system platforms provided that the manufacturer designed device driver is used to activate the feature sets of the audio card. Consistent with the functionality of other device drivers, it also serves as the information and layout file for the setup process of the supported hardware component. In turn the host operating system platform will be able to correctly recognize whatever type of gaming device is plugged into the gaming port. The device driver makes it possible for the computer user to configure the attached gaming device to affect its behavior at game play. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Gameport Joystick Device (ADS7181) errors before installing any driver updates.

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