HardDisk USB Mass Storage Device

Device driver details
Category: Storage and hard drives
Manufacturer: Western Digital
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 64 bytes
Operating System: Windows 98, 2000, XP, NT, 2003, Vista and ME
Latest Version / Release Date: 0.01 / Not stated
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Windows device driver information for HardDisk USB Mass Storage Device

The hard disk USB mass storage device contains SCSI or ATA disks, which contain ports that allow expansion and mobility. The mass storage device is attached to the PC through the available USB ports. The manufacturer usually provides an installation CD with the relevant drivers on purchase of the disk. However, when the CD is not available, the same can be downloaded from the *** website. To start the installation process, the user should first download the drivers, save them on a computer location and decompress them. Connecting the HardDisk USB mass storage device should then be done. Usually, the system detects the new hardware device and automatically launches the installation wizard. The HardDisk USB mass storage device is found in the USB category on the device manager. The user should then click re-install the button, in order to launch the installation process

The Harddisk USB mass storage device has advantages over other means of storage in that it is portable and the user should use it in different machines, which are not networked. This is especially the case where files would take too much time to attach, send and downloaded over networks. The use of the USB mass storage device also removes the risk of exposing private information over networks. The fact that large files can be stored in such devices makes it more convenient than other portable USB mass storage devices such as portable flash disk, digital cameras, digital audio recorders and memory cards. There are different capacity USB mass storage devices to choose from depending on how many documents one may want to store. Graphics and photos generally require high capacity storage devices, while as document files can be stored in medium cap city mass storage. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and HardDisk USB Mass Storage Device errors before installing any driver updates.

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