HSP56 World Micro Modem I56PSP

Device driver details
Category: Network and Modems
Manufacturer: Pctel Inc
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 760561 bytes
Operating System: Windows XP/2000/95/98/ME/NT
Latest Version / Release Date: 7.65.0009 / 15 Nov 2003
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Windows device driver information for HSP56 World Micro Modem I56PSP

HSP56 World Micro Modem I56PSP is defined as a compact device ideal for users with portable computers. The modem's chipset only requires 50 mill watts of 3.3 volts each which is just an eight of the power used by other modem hardware solutions. HSP56 World Micro Modem I56PSP provides both V.90 and K56FLEX 56K connectivity. In addition to fax and voice the modem comes with speakerphone capability as an optional feature. Other features include Caller ID, low power standby features as well as wake on ring. Users are advised to only use the most recent and appropriate versions of the device drivers. Recent versions allow users to use the functions of HSP56 World Micro Modem I56PSP better and more easily. Old driver versions are known to cause device conflicts as well as errors in modem work. It is important that all necessary drivers are frequently updated.

HSP56 World Micro Modem I56PSP is easy to install even for first time users. Users are advised to select only the correct drivers for their HSP56 World Micro Modem I56PSP and also make Windows backups every time they are to update their PCtel drivers. To install the modem drivers, users have to first download the relevant files from the manufacturer's website and save it on their computers. Subsequently, they should connect the computer and the modem. On the desktop, the user may then click on the My Computer icon – Properties – Hardware Tab – Device Manager button. At this point the HSP56 World Micro Modem I56PSP can be located on the modem category. The user may double click and then press on the Reinstall driver button – Install – Include the desired location – Browse and select the PCtel driver option – Next – Finish to complete the installtion process. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and HSP56 World Micro Modem I56PSP errors before installing any driver updates.

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