Quantum DLT4140 Tape Drive

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Category: Not classified
Manufacturer: Quantum
Caution Level: safe
Download File Size: 162.11K
Operating System: Windows NT3.51, Windows NT4
Latest Version / Release Date: 11 Feb 2003 / 2.2
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Windows device driver information for Quantum DLT4140 Tape Drive

The Quantum DLT4140 Tape Drive is produced and manufactured by Quantum. A tape drive like the Quantum DLT4140 or better known as a streamer is a data storage device that reads and writes the data kept on a magnetic tape. It is normally used for archival storage and data saved on hard drives. Tape media has a constructive unit charge and an extended archival stability. Tape drives allow sequential access of data. Unlike a hard disk drive which can move its read or write heads to any random location of the disk platters in just a short period of time, the Quantum DLT1440 tape drive must take a considerable period of time winding up the tape between the reels to read any piece of information or data. As a result, it has extremely slow average seek times. In spite of the slow seek time; it can stream data to tape rapidly.

Quantum is the manufacturer of The Quantum DLT4140 Tape Drive. Generally, tape drives can range in capacity from a small number of megabytes to hundreds of gigabytes, which are not compressed. It is usually referred to with the supposition of 2:1 compression ratio, so a tape drive may be identified as 80/160. This signifies that the real storage capacity is 80, with the compressed storage capacity roughly around 160 in a lot of circumstances. The Quantum DLT4140 tape drive can be attached to a desktop with SCSI, SATA, USB, FireWire, FICON, Fibre Channel or other interfaces. It can be located inside autoloaders and tape libraries which help in loading, unloading and saving multiple tapes to add archive capacity. Tape drives such as this device were originally designed as an affordable option to disk drives. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Quantum DLT4140 Tape Drive errors before installing any driver updates.

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