Device driver details
Category: video card
Manufacturer: Sapphire Radeon
Caution Level: intermediate
Download File Size: 128 MB
Operating System: Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98
Latest Version / Release Date: 9000 / 2005
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Windows device driver information for Sapphire RADEON 9000 ATLANTIS PRO

The 9500 pro performance is excellent way beyond expectations by the production of perfect visual effects and features that haven't been seen on a normal home computer. The 9500 incorporates a 2GB bandwidth and support of AGP 8x. it comes with a 128MB of DDR that gives ample saving and working space. It is supported by a 540MHz to tackle the most advanced 3D applications and graphics. The makers of the 9500 have incorporated a VPU in the RADEON that is churning out an impressive 275MHz. on the boar it comes with a plug in card that helps in the connecting of external devices such as DVD players, VCR, VCD and any other media playing device. The plug in card comes with a type AGP 4x graphic processor. It has a TV interface v with options of Video In and Video out that come in handy when streaming or recording from external devices.

The 9500 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000 and XP. It requires a mother board that is a version from Pentium II to Pentium IV and supposed to be Celeron. The board should have a slot for the insertion of the video card. The Radeon 9500 provides options of video in that can be used to stream and record form external devices and at the same time editing the media being streamed. The soft ware pack is easy to install and comes with TV playing media that supports FM band width. It acts as a graphics card and helps the casual gamer who is not into serious games that have heavy graphics and require a graphics card with better graphics handling capability. It well priced for its functions but not recommended for those who work with heavy graphics and serious gamers It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Sapphire RADEON 9000 ATLANTIS PRO errors before installing any driver updates.

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