SE402 Camera

Device driver details
Category: Camera
Manufacturer: Cammaster
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 1.0MB
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/Mac OS
Latest Version / Release Date: 1.2. / 01 Aug 2000
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Windows device driver information for SE402 Camera

The SE402 Camera is a camera that is most suited for users on Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Ms Live Messenger and ICQ. It gives users a maximum of 640 by 480 pixels which is in VGA form. It captures and stores images in JPEG and RAW mode. It has a high resolution that leads to the production of images which are of a high quality. It does not compress the images at all and they appear within 22 frames. However, other models compress the images and this gives images of a high compression that adds up to 120 frames. It has a voice recording features which does so in the MPEG format. This is possible at a speed of 244100 kHz or 64 kbps. When it is monophonic, it does so in a record 28 minutes. It has a camcorder that records images within the MPEG format.

The SE402 Camera provides for a voice recording that is synchronous. It uses a USB interface and it is highly compatible with operating systems for windows XP, SP1 and SP2. It has a memory of 8MB to 16MB. This device has to be powered at all times especially when users want to save media. It uses batteries of AAA and they are two in number. Due to the USB connection, this device does not require batteries if users decide to use the USB. It has dimensions of 134 by 32 by 19 inches. The latest drivers for this device can be downloaded from the manufacturer's official website. They can either be freeware (free) or shareware (at a fee). The latest drivers and accessories ensure that the device continues performing highly and maintains its stability as well. The operating systems must also be checked for compatibility with these drivers to ascertain that the right drivers are in user. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and SE402 Camera errors before installing any driver updates.

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