Solomon Adapter Control Interface (Com12)

Device driver details
Category: System and controllers
Manufacturer: Solomon
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 8.5MB
Operating System: Windows NT, Windows XP
Latest Version / Release Date: C / 12 May 2008
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Windows device driver information for Solomon Adapter Control Interface (Com12)

Solomon Adapter Control Interface (COM12) is used in together with External RF Controller. It is also used as physical interface to make control in legacy military radio equipments in real time. Solomon Adapter Control Interface (COM12) utilizes embedded controller system that is similar to External RF Controller. This device features wide variety of Input and output to communicate with its current as well as future equipment including 'FLEX I/O', RS485, TTL I/O, RS232, Ethernet and Open collector drivers. FLEX I/O is custom programmable for I/O signal that swings between every logic low and high voltages between -40 and +40 VDC. The design for Solomon Adapter Control Interface (COM12) includes also reconfigurable FPGA to hold the interface for future equipment. The gate array configurations and embedded software are completely downloadable through Ethernet bus. The device design is expandable and it consist of an interface to an alternative daughter-card that can hold any circuitry that is necessary in supporting future interfaces, which can not be supported with current collection of on-board I/O.

Solomon Adapter Control Interface (COM12) driver is compatible with Windows 98, Windows NT windows XP and Windows ME operating system. This helps the user to fit in different environments without having any effect. Other than C which is the latest version, there are other versions including, 4.03C and 7.00A. For Solomon Adapter Control Interface (COM12) driver to be acquired, it must be download hence be installed. However, there are steps followed when the driver is being installed. First the file for driver is downloaded hence is saved in the computer. It is then connected to computer to start installation process. Device manager button is then searched from my computer then to properties where it is found and clicked. The new driver is then found in net category, it is then double clicked and reinstall button is pressed. Install is then selected from a specific location then include this location is checked and browse button is clicked to select SMC driver. Next button is clicked for the installation process to proceed hence, finish button is pressed to wide up with installation process. New driver should be accessible in net that is inside the device manager after the procedure. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Solomon Adapter Control Interface (Com12) errors before installing any driver updates.

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