Vodafone Mobile Connect - 3G Modem

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Manufacturer: Vodafone
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Windows device driver information for Vodafone Mobile Connect - 3G Modem

The Vodafone Mobile Connect - 3G Modem is Vodafone's compact USB modem which boosts the accessibility to the telephone company's high-speed 3G networks. The speed range is less than 300Kbps to over 2Mbps and this depends on the user's location. This USB works best with Windows XP as well as Mac OS X notebooks. This tool boosts the regular 3G speed which was rated to have 3.6Mbps as input. It also has available excellent client software. The Vodafone Mobile Connect - 3G Modem was manufactured by Huawei, a Chinese telecom. This modem makes use of a USB mini-plug which is used by most portable USB hard drives and combo/data connector on smartphones. There is a 10cm cable which connects to the modem of a PC. This modem is pocket-sized and is able to compress files especially pictures and documents. When there are incoming files, they are automatically decompressed to avoid third-party software.

The users of this Vodafone Mobile Connect - 3G Modem can block the bandwidth bloating elements like audio, videos, animation and Web applets. This modem also enhances the speed of the user's PC. Users of the 3G modem can also take advantage of the card's software wherein SMS and MMS messaging, connection profiles, address book management, and a graphical summary of account usage can be easily accessed and managed. HSDPA speed depends on the location of the user since the 3G broadband is only available to Sydney and Melbourne users. If the 3G broadband is unavailable, the modem falls back to the standard 3G speed which is 384Kbps peak or even back to GSM speed 60Kbps. Some HSDPA have a high-speed network already running at 3.6Mbps rate rather than Vodafone's standard 1.8Mbps (HSDPA 1.8). While the PC Card is not able to increase its speed to faster than 1.8Mbps, the USB modem is rated to 3.6Mbps which makes it able to deliver high input. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Vodafone Mobile Connect - 3G Modem errors before installing any driver updates.

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