How to Burn a RAR File

Level of difficulty: Easy

A RAR file is a compressed file. It is used mainly by users to compress data. Users who want to transfer large files to a CD may opt to compress the files on RAR archive first before copying it to a CD. This process is easier and simpler than a lot of people might think.

Materials Needed:
- Writable CD
- Burning CD or DVD-ROM drive
- burning program (optional)
Step 1
One way to burn a RAR file is to use the Windows burning utility program. Make sure a writable CD is available and is empty. Put the writable CD on the writable CD-ROM drive.
Step 2
In My Computer, double-click the CD-ROM drive. This opens a window that displays the contents of the writable CD. If the CD is empty, it displays nothing.
Step 3
Go to the location of the RAR file that needs to be burned. Cut or copy the RAR file into the CD’s window. If the user chooses to burn the files at a different time, the files placed on the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM window are saved on a staging area.
Step 4
On the CD Writing Tasks pane on the left, there is an option that states, 'Write these files to CD'. Clicking on this option opens a prompt that directs a user to the CD burning process. This prompt is called the CD Writing Wizard.
Step 5
The first step states an introduction to the CD Writing Wizard. An option for a CD name is available. Type the desired CD name on the available bar. The CD name can be as long as 16 characters. If a CD name is not typed in, the default name is used. The default name is the current system date.
Step 6
After typing in a CD name, click next. The Wizard displays a progress bar that indicates the burning status.
Step 7
An option, 'Close the wizard after the files have been written' can be checked. If not checked, a window prompt appears asking if additional copies of the same files are to be made.
Step 8
New files written on a CD may overwrite files already present on the CD. More advanced Operating Systems, such as Windows XP support creating a multi-session CD. This means that a user may be able to add more files to the CD even after a burning session. There are also burning programs available in the market. This may help if the user wants more specific options for burning the files.

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