How to copy a cd

Level of difficulty: Easy

It is nice to have a copy of your favorite movie or songs. The best way is to copy them onto a CD. Here I will show you how to make a copy of a CD while you are working on Microsoft Windows XP. When you use windows, you are allowed to make a copy of a CD ROM but this operating system doesn’t have the user interface which can allow you to copy another CD.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
So, in order to copy a CD ROM, you have to first pick out songs that you require and copy them to the CD ROM area, and by using this data, record a new CD ROM.
Step 2
It is possible you might have a CD ROM drive, if you do; you just drag the data which is on the host CD ROM to the CD R drive icon
Step 3
But if you just have a CD R drive, the contents of the CD can be manually copied on hard disk folder, and after that, you just drag the contents to the CD R drive.
Step 4
There is another option to do it by using right click on the files, then click on Send To, then do a click on the CD name which you are going to write on to copy the files. To begin the copying process to a CD, right click on the CD R drive, and then click on 'Write these files to CD'.
Step 5
Another option is to double click on My Computer, then click on the CD R drive, and again click on 'Write these files to CD', which is on the file menu.
Step 6
After you finish writing the CD, try it out to make sure that it works perfectly.
Step 7
To give your CD a professional look, buy CD labels for your new CDs; at least it will have a better look than using a marker. You can buy them from any stationery store. 8. Copying a CD is not only very easy but it doesn’t take up much of your time. If you do it regularly, you will be an expert in doing it.

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