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Spyware: The Problem

Ranging from irritating adware and popups to much more dangerous and destructive forms of backdoors, exploits and downloaders, that can steal your information, your identity and even your money, spyware is a growing threat. Even with the latest anti-spyware protection, 88% of new scans uncover a new malware detection — after just 24 hours! With new threats emerging daily, the bad news is that they’re here to stay and nobody is immune!

Spyware: The Solution

Webroot Spy Sweeper detects, removes and blocks even the most vicious spies. As spyware threats continuously grow more sophisticated you need antispyware protection that not only detects and removes the latest generation of spies but also blocks new spyware threats before they can infect your PC.

It's the only antispyware program that can dynamically disarm and defeat these spies without requiring a pre-defined signature. Its unique 360 degree spyware protection makes sure your personal information remains confidential, your PC runs smoothly, and your identity stays secure.

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