SpeedUpMyPC updates

Welcome to the SpeedUpMyPC software updates page. This section gives detailed information about features added, improvements made and issues addressed in the latest version of this product.

SpeedUpMyPC version

New features:
  • SpeedUpMyPC is now available in 12 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, and Japanese)

SpeedUpMyPC version (2010)

new features:
  • Improved GUI
  • Easier to use
  • Improved and faster speed scan
  • Even more effective tweaks
  • Automatic speed tools for on-going optimization
  • Localized in 12 languages
  • 64-bit support
  • Works also on Windows Vista and 7

SpeedUpMyPC version

Issues resolved:
  • Showing available network connections in Network Monitor

SpeedUpMyPC version

New features:
  • The installation experience has now been improved, making it more stable
  • All deleted files are now placed within the recycle bin
  • All messages are now language-sensitive
  • SUMP now safely deletes MSN Chat History
  • Restore point is now two-click, to be consistent with all Uniblue products
  • When showing the drives, the name of every drive is added to the list
  • The profile area is now set to be always visibleChanged text in "active" button to "enable"
  • In "Browse for application", default path is now set to root
  • Last scan is now disabled while performing any other scan
  • In the Overview page, text for Help and About were changed
  • The scroll-bar style was changed
  • Change text in notifier from "key" to "serial number"
  • Logo for SUMP is now updated
  • Text of startup notification is improved.
  • CPU Booster and Startup Manager are now single-select
  • Changed desktop and taskbar name to SpeedUpMyPc2009
  • Changed text for tweak states to Requires XP/Vista/Firefox/IE
  • Made cursor icon a hand on clickable areas
  • All Cancel buttons are now right-aligned
  • The tweak descriptions are now on by default
  • Added check-boxes to the start-up manager
  • Profile can now be saved by clicking the key Enter
  • Added X button in search box to delete text entered
  • Made uninstall-manager single-select
  • Exclusion list dialog now starts at My Computer.
  • Changed state of "Perform a complete system scan" when an item is unselected
  • Made tooltip for system tray
  • Now profile is always loaded whenever SUMP is run.
Issues resolved:
  • Incorrect number of errors found in Privacy section
  • Added Clean button in Privacy section
  • Fixed "File not found" error in installer
  • Scroll bar in Optimize Network is now smooth
  • Memory monitor graph is now always refreshed
  • Main page display is now updated automatically after registration
  • When memory is freed, now there is a notifier stating the size freed
  • Start Scan is now disabled in the Junk file cleanup tab when no files are included
  • Fixed issues that were present with Firefox favicons
  • One can now scan individual items even if "Perform a complete Scan" is not selected
  • Uniblue Powersuite area now scales up when SUMP is maximised
  • Privacy cleanup for IE is now fixed
  • Uninstall manager now works for even more programs
  • A path can only be added once now in the exclusion list
  • Product information area now detects all installed products

SpeedUpMyPC version

New features and improvement:
  • The Start scan button, from the overview tab, now notes the unselected items from the Junk file cleanup and the Privacy protection sections (accessed through the Cleanup tab). This means that SpeedUpMyPC now does not scan all items, by default, but only those items selected by the user.
  • The ability to add single files has been added to the exclusion list in the Junk file cleaner section.
  • An improved “memory booster” algorithm makes SpeedUpMyPC even better at boosting memory.
  • SpeedUpMyPC no longer crashes when it experiences a “handle error” due to performance counters not being installed. Instead the application will now return an error message and simply disable the conflicting feature.
  • Downloaded files have been removed from the list of recommended privacy protection scans, in the Privacy protection section of Cleanup.
  • When performing a junk file cleanup scan SpeedUpMyPC now ensures that the default ignore list (that is shipped with the software) is always used, along with any additional files excluded by the user.
  • SpeedUpMyPC now works better with PowerSuite. Previously, when launching the application from PowerSuite, if you had used SpeedUpMyPC on its own before, SpeedUpMyPC was crashing.
  • SpeedUpMyPC has been designed to work better with HP Director.
  • Some users were experiencing a very particular problem, at startup, whereby SpeedUpMyPC would crash. This has now been resolved.
  • SpeedUpMyPC now enjoys improved interoperability with the Vista restart manager. Previously the restart manager was causing SpeedUpMyPC to report a startup error.
  • SpeedUpMyPC now allows you to right click on the widget without the application crashing.

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