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DLL Name: SmitFraudFix

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smitfraudfix.exe is a process belonging to the SmitFraudFix program . The process smitfraudfix.exe launches the main application window of the software SmitFraudFix, which falls under the classification of a specialty tool specifically designed for the removal of malicious codes in computer systems. The implementation of the smitfraudfix.exe process addresses desktop hijack malware and other related computer system threats that are commonly downloaded from the Internet without the user’s approval.These malicious codes removed by the process smitfraudfix.exe are sometimes undetected and cannot be removed by some of the popular commercial antivirus products in the market. To use the file smitfraudfix.exe, a certain degree of technical understanding is required primarily because its embedded methods of removing security risks often involve Windows Registry cleanup, which affects the overall functionality of the operating system and the machine as a whole.SmitFraudFix can be started by executing the smitfraudfix.exe process in order for the user to access the capabilities of the application in order to remove rogue anti-spyware programs that use Trojans for the issuance of fake taskbar security messages, which are capable of changing the system’s background so as to convince the user to purchase a full commercial edition of the rogue anti-spyware program. The process smitfraudfix.exe deals with these hard-to-remove infections commonly bundled with numerous malware codes, which can prove to be overwhelming for traditional antivirus and antispyware applications.The development of the process smitfraudfix.exe was started specifically to help users in getting rid of malicious programs such as the System Antivirus 2008 and SpyCrush among others.When the smitfraudfix.exe is used for eliminating these malicious applications, it initially requires the user to download the installer and reboot the computer into Safe Mode, which can be done by pressing F8 during the boot sequence. The installation process will create a desktop icon for the specialty tool, which needs to be double-clicked in order to execute the smitfraudfix.exe process and subsequently display the program’s main menu. The user needs to choose the second option to allow cleanups to be made while in safe mode since this is the time when the process smitfraudfix.exe will initiate a series of cleanup methods that will lead to the Disk Cleanup program execution.The cleaning process executed by the file smitfraudfix.exe involves the removal of Temporary Internet Files, TMP format files, and other files that may be associated with the infection. Upon completion, the process smitfraudfix.exe will automatically terminate and provide the user with an option of cleaning the Windows Registry, which should be done to make sure that it was not affected by the infection.This is the last stage conducted by the process smitfraudfix.exe upon its execution, and it will then proceed to reboot the computer. On system startup, it will display a log file containing a list of files that were deleted from the computer.
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smitfraudfix.exe should not be disabled, required for essential applications to work properly. It is highly recommended to run a FREE performance scan to automatically optimize memory, CPU and Internet settings.

Determining whether smitfraudfix.exe is a virus or a legitimate Windows DLL depends on the directory location it executes or runs from. Click to Scan your PC including smitfraudfix.exe to Detect any Security Threat.

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