1394 USB2 Scanner (FireWire)

Category: Scanner
Manufacturer: Epson
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 23 MB
Operating System: Windows XP
Latest Version / Release Date: 81.1 / 30 Aug 2008

Windows device driver information for 1394 USB2 Scanner (FireWire)

1394 USB2 Scanner (FireWire) is specifically tailored to ensure it meets the high levels of scanning demanded by professionals. This device incorporates refined and new technologies capable of working in tandem and providing a scanning solution that is fast and total while comprising quality that rivals most drum scanners. Its excellent image quality is achieved as a result of many advanced technologies all of which are designed to collectively work together to make certain that professional results are delivered after every scan. It has advanced dual optic lens capable of incorporating two different lenses, each individually designed to optimize the results of scanning in particular modes. When Film is being selected using a Film Holder mode, the 1394 USB2 Scanner (FireWire) automatically use its lens for Super Resolution, while the lens for High Resolution are used for film scanning and reflective scans.

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1394 USB2 Scanner (FireWire) has very many features that enhance the general scanning performance through a combination of superior speed and brilliant quality. A high-speed hyper processor is utilized by this scanner device for a significantly faster process of scanning image data in comparison to other scanners whose typical dependence is on the memory and internal processor of the PC. It results in a scanning operation of high and consistent speed. The scanner's high optical density guarantees a print-ready negative of high quality while making transparency scans quickly and easily. Despite the mode of scanning being used1394 USB2 Scanner (FireWire) faithfully reproduces numerous colors enabled by its gradation capability. Due to increased gradation image integrity is maintained through a unique AD converter incorporated in the scanner device to reduce noise. The scanner's integrated unit for transparency comprises 4 film holders hence making the ideal unit for film scanning. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and 1394 USB2 Scanner (FireWire) errors before installing any driver updates.