38kHz VESA/72Hz multi frequency monitor

Category: Monitor and Video Card
Manufacturer: miro Computer Products AG
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 1.0 MB
Operating System: Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows NT3.51, Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003
Latest Version / Release Date: 1 / 09 Sep 2003

Windows device driver information for 38kHz VESA/72Hz multi frequency monitor

This computer display monitor is capable of receiving a number of analog video signals using different frequencies. This allows the 38kHz VESA/72Hz multi frequency monitor to implement a number of different display resolutions. What this means is that the computer user gains the flexibility of defining a wide range of display resolution from medium to high quality. Essentially this flexibility results in a number of potential deployment options for the host computer user. The device driver is intended to provide the computer user with complete access to the different display resolutions that can be supported by the computer display monitor. Normally newer operating system environments come with built-in generic device drivers which can define the attached device as a generic display monitor. However, this method can also result into the limiting of the potential display resolutions that can be supported by the device.

Outdated Drivers?

Unless you update your drivers regularly you may face hardware performance issues.

To check your drivers you should manually verify every device on your system for driver updates

The 38kHz VESA/72Hz multi frequency monitor should not be confused with multiscanning computer monitors. Essentially multiscanning monitors are capable of supporting video signals sent at any frequency as long as it is within its range. This particular computer display monitor on the other hand only supports chosen frequencies within its range. The possibility of a video signal being sent in a frequency within the computer monitor's range but not inherently supported may result in a number of potential display errors. When an unsupported frequency is used by the graphics processing card of the host computer system the computer user may see garbage characters or a completely blank screen. To avoid these display errors the device driver provides the underlying operating system platform with the specific frequencies supported by the 38kHz VESA/72Hz multi frequency monitor along with other relevant information. These data are stored in a centralized database and made available to all software applications and hardware components to prevent display related errors. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and 38kHz VESA/72Hz multi frequency monitor errors before installing any driver updates.