3Dlabs Wildcat 4210

Category: Video and Graphic Cards
Manufacturer: 3d Labs
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 2.63Mb
Operating System: Windows 2000

Windows device driver information for 3Dlabs Wildcat 4210

3Dlabs Wildcat 4210 is a video card which was designed and manufactured by 3dLabs, a top player in creating high-end graphic chips technology. Among the most notable features of Wildcat 4210 is that it offers the real-time on screen performance and very detailed texture maps while still maintaining the full efficiency and performance display. The 3Dlabs Wildcat 4210 also supports dual displays in cases where users need the realistic 3d experience with more than just a single screen display. The manufacture of Wildcat 4210, 3D Labs Semiconductor started as a Fables Semiconductor Company that mainly involves in developing and manufacturing of DMS range for application processors-most commonly used in handheld devices. The company 3D Labs subsequently merged with its parent company, Creative Technology and established ZiiLABS. 3DLabs Wildcat 4210 essentials has the following features: a dual-pipeline configuration that supports dual-head digital and analog displays, 128 MB memory and 128 MB frame buffer, multiview and genlock supports, 3D volumetric texture support, exclusive SuperScene antialiasing, and AGP Pro 110 version 2.0.

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Wildcat 4210 also feature technical specifications that ensure high performance and reliability. The Wildcat Chipset Technology for instance has data width of 256 bits frame buffer, 129 bits texture buffer and 64 bits DirectBurst. It also has an integrated 250 MHz RAMDAC. Its geometrical acceleration contains model view matrix transformations of vertex and normal coordinates, perspective and viewport transformations, texture matrix transformation of texture coordinates and local display list storage. Wildcat 4210 also has an exceptional and genuinely reliable hardware performance. It has 3D Gourad-shaded triangles with 15.0 million tri per second. It also features 3D Vectors, solid color, and a 10 pizel resolution at 17.6 million vec per second. 3D Labs Wildcat 4210 boasts a more advance 3D professional features such as point sampled with sixteen samples, dynamic sample allocation, dynamic sample back off, and a 64-bit hardware accumulation buffer. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and 3Dlabs Wildcat 4210 errors before installing any driver updates.