3Dlabs Wildcat4 7110

Category: Monitor and Video cards
Manufacturer: 3DLABS
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 2.8 MB
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000,
Latest Version / Release Date: / 14th April 2004

Windows device driver information for 3Dlabs Wildcat4 7110

3Dlabs Wildcat 4 7110 is a full length and double width AGP 8X graphics card which cannot be accommodated by all systems. It has an empty PCI slot that is near the AGP slot and is used to handle the width of the 7110 despite the fact that the card does not utilize the PCI slot for its connectivity. The device has two digital video output connectors that are compatible with DVI-I. In addition, it has a 3pin mini DIN connector that supports an LCD shutter glasses emitter module or any other stereo shutter device. There are different drivers that are present for Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP as well as Linux drivers. Wildcat4 7210 graphics card provides multiview support and Genlock and in addition faster performance and onboard memory. The utilization of Wildcat4 technology uses AGP 8X card and thirty two percent superior workstation performance.

Outdated Drivers?

Unless you update your drivers regularly you may face hardware performance issues.

To check your drivers you should manually verify every device on your system for driver updates

3Dlabs Wildcat 4 7110 performs highly for AGP8X systems and provides best image quality on the desktop; ten-bit sub-pixel accuracy, high geometry precision/texture coordinate precision and SuperScene full scene antialiasing. Some of the operating systems compatible with 3Dlabs Wildcat 4 7110 include Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows 2000. One should at all time make sure that his or her drivers are of the latest version as this allow the PC to work at maximum stability and speed. When one is installing the drivers on the computer, he or she should always set a system restore point so as to roll back any changes that have been made if the drivers have problems. Any driver that is being installed should always correspond to the hardware that one has. One should also update drivers at least once per month as old drivers can cause driver conflicts of display work errors. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and 3Dlabs Wildcat4 7110 errors before installing any driver updates.