3M USB Video Camera Device

Category: Multimedia Card
Manufacturer: Xlimaging
Caution Level: Intermediate
Operating System: Windows All
Latest Version / Release Date: / 05 Dec 2008

Windows device driver information for 3M USB Video Camera Device

The 3M USB Video Camera is another quality product from the company XLimaging. A 3M USB 2.0 Camera is a high performance visual device which is mostly used in industrial imaging and microscopy related applications. Essentially, this device integrates a ¬Ω' 2048 x 1536 (QXGA) image array and an on-chip 10-bit A/D convertor which can operate to as much as 7.5 frames per second (fps) with full resolution. It is also capable of operating to as much as 20 frames per second at XGA (1024 x 768). The camera 3M USB 2.0 from XLimaging basically features among other things: a video or snapshot operations and optical black level calibration. It is also capable of auto focusing as well as auto gain control. It has a variable frame rate and an auto white balance features. 3M USB 2.0 Camera also has an on-chip R/G/B channel and luminence average counter and a power on reset as well as a power down mode. It also features an integral IR Filter. For its external connection device, this camera uses a USB 2.0 B type connector. This camera is essentially plug and play software which at the same time allows resolution changes and modifications.

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The company that makes 3M USB Video Camera Device, XLImaging was established in early 2004 from a start up partnership between LLC and XL Imaging Ltc. This newly founded company primarily started in UL as distributors, OEM's and resellers of mega pixel USB cameras. XLimaging also offer various software applications both within UK and internationally. Today, XLimaging mainly offers distribution and reselling of devices related to microscopy, machine vision, digital imaging, inspection, security, and high speed imaging. Xlimaging also offers representation and distribution of industrial and medical digital camera along with other device within these markets. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and 3M USB Video Camera Device errors before installing any driver updates.