56kefxspA Ext Modem

Category: Network & Modems
Manufacturer: NCI-USA
Caution Level: Intermediate
Operating System: : Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 98, Windows Home Server, Windows Me, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Release Date: unknown

Windows device driver information for 56kefxspA Ext Modem

The 56kefxspA Ext Modem is another quality product from NCI-USA. The word modem is a combination of the words modulator-demodulators. Modems are commonly used to for digital data transfer through a phone line. With modem, the data is modulated into a signal that is compatible with phone line. The receiving modem shall then demodulates the data and signal them back into digital data. Modem technology was developed in the early 1960s. The initial purpose of this technology was to enable terminals to connect to computers through phone lines. The configuration behind most modems like 56kefxspA Ext Modem often has the following set-up and arrangement: computer to modem to network to modem to terminal. In this type of configuration, a dumb terminal located remotely or in an off-site store can dial in to a central computer.

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A dumb terminal is mainly composed of keyboard and a screen. A common dumb terminal then became a standard among modem users. In this set-up, when a character is encoded in the terminal, the modem then forwards ASCII code for the character to computer. The computer eventually sends the character back so it would appear on the screen. As bulletin board systems gradually gained popularity, users started using a process where the computer is set up with modem and BBS software and simply instructs other users to dial in to connect to the bulletin board. Users would then run terminal emulators to facilitate emulation of dumb terminal. Since its inception, modem speeds went through various steps to increase its speed. In the 1960s, 300 bps was quite popular. This eventually went various upgrades to 1200 bps, 2400 bps, 9600 bps, 19.2 Kbps, 33.6 Kbps, and more recently, ADSL which has an estimated maximum speed of up to 8 megabits per second. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and 56kefxspA Ext Modem errors before installing any driver updates.