AccelGraphics AccelGMX2000 (AGP)

Category: Motherboard
Manufacturer: Accel Graphics
Caution Level: intermediate
Download File Size: 1.14Mb
Operating System: Windows 2003, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98
Release Date: 11 Apr 1999

Windows device driver information for AccelGraphics AccelGMX2000 (AGP)

The AccelGMX2000 (AGP) is a motherboard produced and manufactured by Accel Graphics. Generally, a motherboard is the fundamental printed circuit board in a number of complex electronic systems like the modern personal computers. The motherboard is occasionally alternatively known as the primary board or system board. Prior to the beginning of the microprocessor, a computer was normally created in a card-cage mainframe with element attached by a backplane composed of a set of slots connected with wires. In some of the old designs, the wires were separate connections between card connector pins, but printed-circuit boards later on became the normal practice. The central processing unit, memory, and peripherals were cased on separate printed circuit boards which are plugged into the backplane. A motherboard exclusively refers to a printed circuit with the capability of adding or extending its capabilities and performance with the addition of daughterboards.

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Accel Graphics created and distributed the AccelGMX2000 (AGP). In general, the motherboard is the primary circuit board of a microcomputer. The motherboard has the connectors for connecting extra boards. Normally, the motherboard has the CPU, BIOS, memory, mass storage interfaces, serial and parallel ports, expansion slots, and all the controllers that are needed to control normal peripheral devices, like the display screen, keyboard, and the disk drive. Communally, all of these chips located on the motherboard are known as the chipset of the motherboard. On almost all of the personal computers, it is possible to add memory chips straight to the motherboard. Users may also be able to upgrade to a quicker personal computer by reinstating the CPU chip. To add extra key features, the users may be required to replace the motherboard completely. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and AccelGraphics AccelGMX2000 (AGP) errors before installing any driver updates.