Category: Others
Manufacturer: Access Input/ Output Products Inc
Caution Level: safe
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Operating System: Windows
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Windows device driver information for ACCES PCI-DA12-4

The ACCES PCI-DA12-4 is a PCI product manufactured by the Access Company. This product is designed as a card. It is an out put card used in machines, for instance a computer, which operates as a D/A converter. The D/A converter is a device that is used to convert digital signals to analog signals so that they can be used by the machines that is in use. It is a 12 bit card. In addition, this card is double buffered for effective operations. This out put card is a full size card. It is designed in a way that makes it easy to install. This card can be installed quite easily due to its ability to fit into Bus computers used for PCI. The ACCES PCI-DA12-4 D/A converter in form of a card can also be used in computer buses with long slots.

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The ACCES PCI-DA12-4 digital to analog signal converter from the Access Company is designed to have four digital to analog converters. In addition, this card is designed to be compatible with both the digital 8255 input and the digital outputs. The ACCES PCI-DA12-4 converter is fitted with three timers. These timers, or counters, are 16 bit ones. This device operates using a 32 bit PCI bus for its data operations. This converter which takes up the form of a card is designed to operate using 4:00 channels. This device is an ideal way of adding outputs in the analog form to a computer. Another advantage of this converter is the fact that it is portable. It is also double buffered. This device is a great way to take charge of the DAC outputs. It does so automatically, which make sit user friendly. This makes it an essential item in the control and prevention of undesired outputs when the power is on. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and ACCES PCI-DA12-4 errors before installing any driver updates.