Accton USB Cable Modem

Category: Network and modem
Manufacturer: Accton Wireless Broadband Corporation
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: NA
Operating System: Windows 98/2000/XP/2003/NT
Latest Version / Release Date: NA / NA

Windows device driver information for Accton USB Cable Modem

In the advent of technologies and Internet, manufacturers realized the potential of lessening or completely terminating the the use of wires. A certain device fits one of these technologies and it is known as the Accton USB Cable Modem. To delve further, cable modems is another classification of a network bridge and a modem. Using cable, this device is correlated to work with CATV and gives out bi-directional data communication using radio frequency on CATV basis. These modems are used for transmitting broadband Internet access known as cable Internet. As with many cable Internet, this makes use of high bandwidth rooted from a cable television network. Cable modems became popular in Australia, Europe, and North and South America. There had been 17.4 million during the first quarter of 2004 which reached up to 22.5 million cable modem users during the first quarter of 2005. Accton USB Cable Modem is targeted for home users. It gives ease of use and simplicity. Users may choose from router mode or bridge mode by an external slide switch. Every function has its own switch to turn wireless signal ON or OFF in order to halt wireless signal transmission for awhile which ensures no complications on the part of the connection. No complicated disable process MR3306A built-in one USB port to allow you to access Internet via your high speed USB modem. Users can now share 3G broadband signal through WiF11b/g/n to PC and or notebook or even other WiFi client devices. In addition, this can also provide other WAN access solutions. Moreover, this makes it easy to get right through the “Mobile Office” in any place as long as it is under the 3G coverage range. Furthermore, this device also utilizes advanced MIMO technology to transmit higher data rate which reaches up to 300 Mbps. Accton USB Cable Modem is also a modem that is usually in longer version as the modulator and demodulator. It was then abbreviated to the term “modem.”

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This is a device that first modulates an analog carrier signal to program digital information. It also demodulates a carrier signal to decode the transmitted information. This is done in order to produce a signal that is easily sent as well as to decode to replicate the original data. It mostly uses analog signals from driven diodes to radio. The common usage of this device is through connecting your personal computer or laptop in the Internet. The amount of data in the modem is measured through bits per second or bps. You may see this when you have successfully connected your computer or laptop in the Internet. Another way of measuring is through Baud, this on the other hand, counts the number of times the modem changes its signal state per second. A lot of high speed and advanced modems are being invented nowadays. These are known as cable modems, DSL and or ADSL modems. In big industries notably in telecommunications used a wide band radio modems. This wide band modems sends repeating frames of data at very high data rates over microwave radio links. Reports also say that a number of microwave modems can only send more than a hundred million bits per second. Radio networks on the other hand use only narrow band radio modem. This is mostly used for low data rate that are up to 19.2k. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Accton USB Cable Modem errors before installing any driver updates.